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4 Durable Unicorn-Designed Curtains For Any Room

No doubt curtains make a room, but that is only when you choose them correctly. The curtain you place in any room (bedroom, living room or others) can improve the appearance of the room or even make it look dull. For this, it is important that you choose a curtain that will not only improve the look and feel of your room but also change your mood for the better. If you are looking for one of the best curtains for your room, I have got 4 great options for you to choose from. They are all unicorn-designed curtains and can be used for any room.


What Are Curtains For Rooms?

Curtains are simply fabrics that are most often sold in pairs and hung over windows or doorways. They are mostly used to block light outside from coming in, used for the privacy of those inside the room and also used to decorate the room. You’ll find them in different types, shapes, materials and sizes. They also come in a range of widths, lengths, fabrics, colours, and even patterns. The ones hung over a doorway are known as portières while that of the windows are known as valance or pelmet.

People use curtains for various reasons though. They could use it to aid sleeping as it can totally block out all the light from outside. They could use it to prevent cold or dust. It can also be for the sake of privacy or just to be used as room decor. Whatever the reason, a very good and durable curtain should be invested in for your room. Try not to confuse this with drapes as drapes are made from thicker fabrics and are lined to block out more light.

Why You Need Curtains For Your Rooms

There are some people who wonder why we need to have curtains in a room. They actually feel that having a door or maybe a mosquito net frame is just fine. If you are one of them, here are good reasons why you just need to consider a curtain for your rooms:

  • They can make you feel secured. Imagine looking out the window at night and your brain starts playing tricks on you. Forming images that may run chills down your spine (sorry. lol).
  • Curtains can prevent cold from getting into your rooms. They will serve as a good barrier to keep the cold wind out.
  • They can block out light from coming into the room. There are some curtains that the main function is to give complete blackout in any room. These ones are great for bedrooms as they can let you sleep without getting any bother from sunlight streaming in.
  • Curtains would always finish the rooms quite nicely because it gives extra beauty to any room.
  • It offers good privacy especially when your rooms are facing a public view. You do not want people strolling by and knowing when you are home alone.
  • A good and fancy curtain can offer good decor to your room and give it a more appealing look and feel.
  • Curtains can even uplift one’s mood when they are designed with things the owner can proudly relate with.
Do curtains have to match in a room?

The simple answer is yes. It can be a bit odd if your doorway curtain is one colour or pattern and the one on your window panel is a completely opposite colour or pattern. Even though you can’t get all to match, the best thing you can do is to choose a pair that can blend either in colour or pattern. For instance, you can pick a colour or single pattern from any of the curtains and make it the second one.

Should bedroom curtains be long or short?

The usual length of a room curtain is floor-length. This is actually the best way to go.  However, if you feel you want to make a change, that will work fine for your windows. It can use a length that is just below the bottom of the window. But for doorways or spaces for doorframes – like the space leading into the dining or corridor; a floor-length curtain is just fine.


Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Best Curtains For Your Room

Before you choose to settle for any curtain, you need to have some things in mind. Things that will guide you in making the right choice. Trust me, you do not want to spend your money on something that will leave you in regrets. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying curtains for any room:

1. The Fabric:

The fabric is an essential part of choosing any curtain. The material will dictate how well the curtain will function and also hold up over time. If they’re too heavy, they may not fold crisply when drawn and if they are too light, they may not fall well. Whenever you want to choose a good curtain, it is best if you pick materials like linen, silk, faux silk and velvet as they are the best choices to use. Heavier fabrics such as thick cotton and slubby linens especially if lined with blackout fabric can also help keep the light at bay as well as draughts.

2. The Colour:

It is best to stick to a colour that resonates well with you and also blends well with your room and its decor. For instance, you can’t be a lover of fancy colours or patterns and then buy a curtain that is all dark and looking dull. Not to mention that your room will be decorated with things in fancy colours and then you choose to settle for a curtain with a colour that is so dark and contrasts everything in the room. Before making a choice, look out for the colour that can both uplift your mood and match your room decor.

3. The Length/Width:

As earlier mentioned, you should consider floor-length curtains for your doorways and windows. But windows can still go well with curtains that are a bit longer than the window itself. Try not to get one that falls too long and leave remains on the floor. It can actually cause people to trip or pull it down accidentally. Also, consider the width especially if you plan to use the curtains to shut out the sun entirely. You may need to have those extra inches that can cover the window and door frame to help block out any creeping light.

4. Maintenance

When choosing a curtain, you need to be sure that what you are getting would not be hard to maintain. You must check to know if the material can get dirty very fast. And also when it is dirty, you need to know if it should be hand-washed, machine-washed or dey clean only. Whichever curtains you choose should be one you can easily work around its maintenance. This will save you time and money in the long run.

5. Durability:

Trust me, the last thing you want is having a curtain that tears on the first wash. It can get frustrating and cause you to spend more either mending it or getting a new one. When choosing good curtains, settle for one that is strong enough to last for as long as possible. You should be able to use a curtain so long that you wake up one day all by yourself and decide that it is time to change it.

6. Good Design:

There are some curtains that their designs are one you will love and can easily relate with. They can elevate your mood every day and also their symbolism can strike good and positive vibes in you. The curtains should have very creative designs or prints and they should represent something you can always look at and be glad. One of such curtains with good designs that can speak a lot is one that has a unicorn design. These types are always bright and tend to bring colour into the lives of the room owner.


Why You Will Love Unicorn-Designed Curtains

Unicorns symbolize good things like purity, devotion, strength, confidence, divinity and lots more. Items that are unicorn-inspired or unicorn-themed tend to give the user a certain feeling of calmness, confidence and even bliss. Here are some more reasons why you should consider a unicorn-designed curtain:

  • Many items inspired by the unicorn designs are said to radiate that feeling of adventure and strength.
  • They are usually made of very high-quality materials and are easy to maintain.
  • Having a unicorn-themed item in your room is enough to get you feeling warm, inspired and relaxed.
  • They all add to the beauty and decoration of the room they are placed in, and also bring a new look to the frame they occupy.
  • Unicorns are lovely creatures and are also loved by many. Having a unicorn-inspired curtain in your room can really help create good moments.

4 Durable Unicorn-Designed Curtain For Any Room

Well, now that you have seen why you need a curtain in your room and also what to look out for when choosing one; let me share with you the best options that fit well into the above point. They have pretty designs, are made from good materials, are long and wide enough to fit any door or window frames, are durable and are also very easy to maintain.

1. QH Window Blackout Curtain Panels (Set of 2 Panels):

This window curtains from QH is well-made and the colour looks great even up close. It is a perfect size, looks cute and does a great job in keeping the light from outside much more manageable for sleeping in late. The colours and vibrant and they can uplift your mood on some days that look dark or gloomy. With a material that is easy to touch, washing this can never be extra stress on you.


Product Description
  • The curtain material is 100% polyester. The high-quality silky satin polyester blend has a soft touch feeling that makes it easy to maintain.
  • It can be machine washed for easy care so you have nothing much to worry about keeping it clean. Just remember to use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry low and use warm iron when needed.
  • The size of each panel is 42 (W) x 84 (L) inches so totally, the 2 panels measure 84 (W) x 84 (L) inches.
  • This curtain set includes 2 curtain panels, 6 matte silver grommets per panel. The built-in metal grommets can fit curtain rods up to 1.6 inches in diameter.
  • These soft and durable curtains are made from high-quality digital printing technology. It has a high performance on room darkening, thermal insulation, noise reduction, efficiency and privacy protection.

Is this something you want? Click here to see the product on Amazon and make a purchase.

2. ANNERY Cute Unicorn Blackout Curtains With Three-Layer Braided Noise Reduction

If you are looking for a fancy curtain that will keep ALL the light and also the noise out, this blackout curtains is your best bet. It is colourful and warm on the eyes. The bright and fun colours can liven your mood anytime. It is also thick enough to block out light and noise to let you sleep peacefully and without distractions. This will fit well for any door or window in your room.


Product Description
  • The set includes two 60″ wide x 108″ inches long curtain panels.
  • This particular curtain blocks 85 – 99% of light and UV rays.
  • Its innovative triple weaving technology reduces noise and improves TV viewing in a room.
  • The curtains are smooth and its high-quality polyester is made for a heat-insulating blackout.
  • It is sturdy and has a good touch to the skin.
  • This would perfectly match your windows for maximum privacy.
  • Trust this curtain to effectively block sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays and also reduce external noise.
  • It ensures complete privacy, creates energy-saving insulation barriers, prevents high temperature and low temperature, maintains an indoor temperature in summer and also keeps the room warm in winter
  • This curtain is easy to maintain. It is machine washable with a washing temperature below 86F. Also, you can do quick ironing or steam cleaning when needed.
  • The blackout curtains are durable and won’t wear out after a few uses.
  • This includes two printed window processing panels.
  • It has the highest level and luxury design with a sturdy grommet ring for easy installation and sliding on the pole.
  • The curtains are carefully ironed and ready to be used on your window or door immediately you purchase them.

Want to add this to your room and enjoy the cuteness it brings? Head over to this link to see more and make an order right on Amazon.

3. SENYA Window Curtain Panels With Colourful Stripes For Rooms:

Add style and elegance to your room with this colourful unicorn-designed curtain from SENYA. It will definitely add a pretty soft and natural look to your windows. With amazing quality and cuteness just as shown, this window curtain is a perfect fit with decorations in any room.


Product Description
  • The fabric is of very high quality. With 100% polyester. This comfortable fabric is soft and smooth to the touch.
  • This curtain set includes 2 panels of sheer curtains. Each panel is 55″ (W) x 78″ (L) inches. The total size of the two panels is 110″ (W) x 78″ (L) inches.
  • You are sure to appreciate the beautiful scenery outside which the window freely gives while sustaining a bit of privacy.
  • A good amount of light can get through this soft airy curtain and lighten up the room in the day if you choose.
  • It has a good quality finishing which will withstand years of use. No bleaching required and it can be air-dried.
  • it is hand and machine washable and can stand low-temperature ironing.
  • The curtain has a personalized unicorn pattern print design which can add style and elegance to your room.
  • Advanced digital printing can be found on this curtain and that means you won’t experience any problem with your curtain colours fading after the first wash.
  • The shading is 40 – 50% and this smartly allows natural light to flow into your room while still providing privacy.
  • It is versatile and can be used in windows, doors, wardrobes etc,

Does this sound like something you want to use on your window frame? Clicking this link would take you to the Amazon page where you would make your purchase.

4. SEULIFE Fantasy Animal Unicorn Voile Curtain For Doors Or Windows

Looking for something that speaks magic, lights up your room in cheerful glows and gives you a sense of relaxation? I totally recommend this particular unicorn-designed curtain from SEULIFE. It has got a beautiful print and is pleasing to the eyes. With this curtain, you can be sure of an appealing room decor to bring up the standard of your room.


Product Description
  • It is made with 100% polyester which gives the curtain room to breath and also bring in the air on hot days.
  • The material is soft to touch and can also be washed with ease.
  • It is a durable polyester fabric 
  • This design includes 2 panels and one-sided printing. Each of the panels is 55 inches and the 2 panels total width is 110 inches.
  •  The curtain allows natural light in while providing some privacy you will enjoy inside.
  • It is machine and hand washable in cold water and can be air-dried.
  • With an attractive and colourful pattern on the curtains, it can add style and elegance to your room each passing day.
  • The size is 55″ x 78″ inches which are perfect for doorways and window of almost any length or width.

By clicking this link, you will be taken to the product page on Amazon where you can see price and other users comments before making your purchase.



Might I also add that if you are even looking for the perfect gift idea, any of these can work just fine. They are all great to give to anyone and surely they will be glad you thought of them so beautifully. All the above unicorn-designed curtains can serve you just great in any room. They are all durable, cute and also the perfect fit that can blend in with almost any room decor. Trust me, this will serve you greatly as long as possible.

What do you think?