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4 Durable Unicorn-Themed Blankets For Adult Bed

Why wait until the cold season before you rush to grab a blanket which has probably doubled in price? In this post, I will help you choose the most durable and best-themed blanket. And this is none other than unicorn-themed blankets which you will love and will definitely fit into any mood you want.

There are those things that are important but very little attention is placed on them. They add value which we usually never notice until they are no longer there, I am talking about blankets. Blankets are a very important and essential piece of bedroom accessories which in themselves do so much for us yet we pay little attention until when we need them and we realize that they are not there in the first place.


What Are Blankets?

Blankets are simply pieces of soft clothing sewn together into a large material. They are usually large enough to cover a bed and also cover the entire length of a human body comfortably. It is used specifically for covering the body during bedtime or resting time with the primary aim of keeping the user warm, cosy and secured.

Types Of Blankets

In categorizing the types of blanket available, one thing to put into consideration would be the type of material they are made up of and also the type of design. In the category of materials, the following are types of blankets available for all to choose from:

  • wool blanket
  • cotton blanket
  • woven acrylic blanket
  • knitted polyester blanket
  • mink blanket
  • fleece blanket

Another category of blanket types based on the design and use of the blanket includes the following types of blanket:

  • Comforter
  • Quilt
  • Waffle weave
  • Shearling
  • Throws
  • Sherpa blanket
  • Vellux
  • Down blanket
  • Duvet
  • Chinelle
  • Bamboo blanket

What To Look Out For In A Blanket

Whenever you decide to add a blanket to your bedding collection and keep yourself warm each night, you must have some things in mind. This guide will help you make the right choice so that you don’t pick a blanket that would cause you to regret your actions later. Here are the major things to look out for whenever you want to purchase a blanket of your own:

1. Size:

Perhaps size is the most important thing to look out for when picking a blanket. This is because an ideal way to use the blanket is to ensure that it covers the entire surface of the mattress and has an extra length so as to be tucked in around the sides and bottom of the bed. Not to mention that when you are on the bed alone or with anyone else, the blanket is supposed to wrap around everyone comfortably while keeping them snug all night long.


For these reasons, you may want to first find out the size of your mattress and the extra length needed to be able to tuck in a blanket so you don’t buy a blanket that falls short of this. A lot of persons have made this same mistake and found themselves in situations where they either have to go return the blanket or lose money in places where return policies are not allowed. So pay extra attention to the size of the blanket you want to settle for so you don’t fall into these categories of people.

2. Design:

Apart from the primary purpose of blankets which is to provide warmth to the user when napping or having a good night’s sleep, there is also the aesthetic use of the blanket to provide some form of internal decoration to the bedroom. A fine blanket has a capacity of giving your bedroom a little extra finesse that one can be proud of and for the stylish and classy individuals, this definitely is the second most important thing to look out for in a blanket.

Most comes in different patterns, colours, prints, etc. So pay attention to that which suite the mood in your bedroom. It is usually recommended to pick a colour that compliments the colour of your bedroom wall. Mind you, it necessarily shouldn’t be the same colour as your bedroom wall but should compliment it. Patterns and prints should also portray the cosy ambience you want to create in your bedroom, for instance, a blanket with a unicorn print on it gives you a magical feel when in the bedroom.

3. Fabric:

It is also important to note that the various type of fabric that makes up the blanket has various advantages and disadvantages based on what you want. It is important you pay attention to the fabric of the blanket you are buying, as some can be soft, smooth and others can be rough. Some fabric gives that feeling of warmth more than others.

For this, the cotton blankets can be very soft, light weighted and hold up well when washed. While the wool blanket, on the other hand, is smooth, usually heavy weighted and provides more warmth than other fabric. So try to pay attention to the fabric and pick the one that meets your need.

4. Weight:

According to experts on quality sleep, weighted blankets have been shown to provide more sound sleep, make people more relaxed, and have been shown to reduce stress making them a must-have for sweet slumber and restful dreams.

As a result of these, most users tend to buy blankets that offer that extra weight. However, there is that tendency of buying blankets whose weight is not exactly right for the user. Some buy blankets lighter than they need, while others buy blankets that are heavier than suitable for them. So experts say that the most suitable weighted blankets should be 10% of the individual’s weight plus one pound, which is the most suitable weight for an individual. So pay attention to this when picking your blanket. Just be sure you don’t pick one that will require you to keep it away after the winter.

5. Cost:

For every item to be purchased either online or in the market, one factor must always be considered and it is the cost. While looking for a perfect blanket that suits your preference you might want to consider the amount it will cost you to buy it. Most blankets with the best-suited features are quite pricy so you might want to consider buying a blanket with features you can afford.

Most times, the ones that are more expensive do not turn out to be the best. Just be sure that whichever one you pick fits your pocket and will serve you well.

Why A Unicorn-Themed Blanket Is Perfect For Your Bed

As earlier mentioned, I will be sharing with you the best-themed blankets which are the unicorn-themed ones. If you are wondering why to choose that design in the first place, have it in mind that the unicorn represents a lot of things and so having an item inspired by it in your room can go a long way for you.


Here are some more reasons why you will love a unicorn-themed blanket:

1. The unicorn represents strength, recuperation:

The mood created in any bedroom is determined by factors such as the painting on the wall, other accessories in the bedroom including the blanket used on the bed. As an adult, most times, the bedroom is our resting spot and a place where we can rest, recharge and re-energize our body and mind for the task we might have to do the following day.

For this reason, it is important to have a themed blanket that would give us that relaxing and re-energizing ambience. The unicorn is a creature that represents strength, healing, and recuperation and this has a psychological effect on users especially adults. A unicorn-inspired item just sets the mood right for relaxation and recuperation in a bedroom.

2. There is everything magical about the unicorn:

A bedroom is a place where a lot of magic happens, now not the abracadabra kind, but witty inventions, intimate moments, and memorable events. What better way to set the mood right for these magic other than a unicorn-themed blanket to wrap you in before, during or after you engage in your own little magical moments. The unicorn represents magic and wonders as such you can relate well to that once you have a designed item of it.

3. It can serve as a very good gift to give out:

Everyone loves the unicorn, ranging from kids to teenagers to adults; we all love the unicorn! Even more so, we love items themed with the unicorn. So if you are looking for a perfect gift for your friend or female partner, then a unicorn-themed blanket will definitely be your best bet.

4. Unique designs:

Of course, you need to move from plain, old, boring coloured blankets to something fancy, classy and unique to not just spice up the look of your room but also make you feel warm and sleepy once you are wrapped in it. A unicorn-designed blanket can give you this effect and leave you feeling relaxed and well-rested for a new day.

Top Durable Unicorn-Themed Blankets For Adult Beds

Without further ado, let me show you the best 4 and durable unicorn-themed blankets that pass the average benchmark for the guide earlier shared. These blankets are all fascinating and I can bet you might take a little time deciding which to settle for. Just have it in mind that whichever one you choose, you will get good value for your money spent.

So, here are the best blankets I picked myself and reviewed. They are sure to spice up your room and give you a wonderful feel to your skin each night:

1. SKOLOO Soft Unicorn Hooded Throw Blanket:

Don’t you just wish that lovely blanket you have can be worn so you can move about with it during cold periods and still maintain the warmth it provides rather than sitting or lying down in a position? Well, this hooded wearable blanket gives you just that, it is cute and soft and comes in small or large sizes for children and adults. You can snuggle into it at night to stay warm, or simply put it on in the day to move about while stile staying warm.


Product description
  •  Material Quality

This cute blanket is made up of 100℅ polyester microfiber fabric, it feels light weighted and breathable as compared to other products, it is wrinkle-resistant and made up of fluffy fleece.

  • Product Design

This pink coloured blanket is most suited for women and mothers, with the beautifully captured unicorn head in the middle surrounded by beautiful flowers. The male folks can still rock it just fine as long as they are okay with pink and flowers and all that cute stuff, lol.

  • Versatility

It has multiple uses as it can find the usage on beds, sofas, for travelling, camping, water or star gazing and even pink match. It is best suited for any season as it won’t block all air out even in you use it in a warm season.

  • Size and packaging

It comes in large sizes of 79×59 inches for adults and in smaller sizes for kids so if you want to get a matching blanket for the little one, you won’t have a problem doing that. It has a product dimension of 79 × 59 × 2 inches and weighs 1.91 pounds.

  • Maintenance and care

This product is best washed manually with cold water. It is also best to avoid machine washing with warm or hot water or using bleach.

  • Perfect gift item

Are you looking for that perfect gift for mostly the winter periods for someone’s birthday, Halloweens and Christmas? This fancy blanket is definitely your sure bet. It is fancy and comes in nice packaging that can be given that way to the receiver.

Want to get this blanket? Quickly head over to this link on Amazon to see the price, reviews and other details.

2. QH Super-Soft Unicorn And Star Pattern Blanket:

This blanket is a lovely blend of beautiful colours, including pink, purple, yellow, and green scattered as little stars and circular spots all over the blanket. With what looks like an artistic representation of a unicorn’s head in the middle, carrying on it a pink rose and the unicorn’s horn; this blanket is a beauty to the eye and can keep one feeling good once wrapped in it.


Product description
  •  Material Quality

This product is made from polyester fabric with super-soft microfleece on one side and printed only on one side. It is light weighted, soft, and feels really comfortable to touch.

  • Product Design

A beautiful portrait of a unicorn’s head showing the horn, closed eyes with lashes and a rose flower occupies the middle portion of the blanket. This is also surrounded by patterns of circular spots and stars carrying the pink, purple, yellow and green colour. The design is fascinating and can lighten anybody’s mood.

  •  Versatility

This blanket is so comfy it can be used when sitting on a chair close to a fireplace on cold nights, lying on a couch to watch TV or read a book, or simply to cover yourself up when sleeping on the bed at night. Whatever you choose to do with it, you are sure to get the desired comfort you need.

  • Size and Packaging

It has a size of 60 × 80 inches, a package dimension of 10.31 × 9.76 × 2.13 inches, and a weight of 1.86 pounds.

  • Maintenance and Care

It can be machine washed with cold water, tumble dried on low heat. Avoid exposure to direct heat and don’t wash with bleach.

  • The gift that will leave smiles

The blanket is super soft and cute that anyone who receives it as a gift for any occasion cannot resist flashing you a million-dollar smile. Let’s not even talk about the comfort they will get from using it. Trust me, they will forever be grateful.

This product happens to be one of the softest and irritation-free blankets you can find in the market. It is not just soft but also good at keeping the user warm. It is highly recommended for individuals with very sensitive skin and those who love a comfy and good night’s sleep. Click this link to shop for one of yours and be glad you found it.

3. JEKENO Smooth Soft Print Unicorn-Themed Throw Blanket:

With a single look at this blanket you get that feeling of tenderness, everything nice and lovely. A beautiful depiction of a unicorn’s head with everything lovely from nature including leaves, flowers, moon, stars, rainbow coming together to make this piece lovely. And of course, a reassurance that unicorns once existed. This alone can bring your fantasies to life.


Product description 
  • Material Quality

It is made up of 350 GSM high-quality microfiber polyester. It is light weighted, warm, and soft to touch. This alone would make you feel relaxed at night as it is not rough and won’t scratch your skin when you are wrapped in it.

  • Product Design

The beautiful blend of contrasting colour of black background makes the design on this blanket very brilliant. The lovely blend of pink, white, blue and yellow colour for the head of the unicorn, grasses, and flowers, rainbow, stars, and the moon makes for a most beautiful design pleasing to the eyes.

  • Versatility

The product can be used outside the house for activities such as travelling and camping and even in the office. It can also be used inside the house when sitting in chairs, sofas, or lying in beds.

  • Size and Packaging

It has a size of 50 × 60 inches, a package dimension of 49.24 × 59.06 × 0.79 inches, and weighs 1.3 pounds.

  •  Maintenance and Care

This product is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat.

  • Gifting made easy

There is an awesome packaging one can receive this product in. For this, it can serve as the perfect product for a gift to your family or friends. It looks and feels good and anyone who gets this would definitely appreciate it.

Does it feel like this blanket belongs to you already? Well, fulfil that wish by clicking this link to be taken to the Amazon page where you can get one for yourself and others.

4. ANNESTOKES Signature Silk Sherpa-Lined Unicorn-Themed Blanket:

This particular blanket is filled with magical moments captured beautifully in the design with the moonlight casting its illumination over the hill, valley, and river giving a mystical theme that leaves you in awe. And then there is the white unicorn which portrays elegance. This adds a final touch to this beautiful design to make it a complete beauty that would offer you the best comfort each night.

beautiful-unicorn-blankt-for-adult-personThough this design looks more masculine and is great for the men, women too can tap into this masculinity and feel secured each night.

Product description
  • Material Quality

It is made up of a polyester blend including supersoft silk touch front and soft cuddly sherpa-lining on the back. It is very useful for people with very sensitive skin.

  • Product Design

AnneStokes art beautifully captures the fantasy world in this piece of design. With a beautiful unicorn that is pictured galloping over the edge of a river in the cool of the night; this sure gives us a mystical theme and makes us feel calm each night.

  • Versatility

This product can be used in all kinds of furniture including beds, chairs, sofa, and couches. It can also be used while travelling, camping or out on the beach.

  • Size and packaging

It has a dimension of 50 × 60 × 1.5 inches and weighs 0.45kg. Just the perfect size for snuggling under during the colder months.

  • Maintenance and Care

This product is machine washable and dries quickly with a tumble dry low temperature. Exposure to direct harsh heat is not good for its durability and shouldn’t be washed with bleach.

  • Good gift idea

If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for a friend or a partner, this blanket is your sure bet. I can guarantee it would be appreciated by all who receive it.

By clicking this link, you are sure to be taken straight to the page where you can find more about this blanket and make your order.


In terms of finding comfort and solace at nighttime, blankets are a sure option to go for. Whether in a cold or warm season, you can still enjoy that feeling of staying cosy and secure all night. Blankets can last for a very long period of time when handled with care. You can also consider it as a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.


I can assure you that the unicorn-themed blankets recommended in this article are sure to tick all the required boxes you might have regarding blankets and unicorn-themed items. Magic never ends and the tales of the unicorn reminds us of that no doubt. You can live that right in your bed.

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