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5 Beautiful Unicorn Costumes For Little Girls

Is your little girl’s birthday party on the way and you are thinking about getting her an outfit? Or maybe there’s a costume party coming up and you want her to attend in style? Or let’s just say you want to get her something fancy that will catch her interest? Look no further, I have got the perfect recommendations for you to choose from. In this post, I’ll show you five (5) beautiful unicorn costumes your little girl can rock elegantly to a party.

What Are Party Costumes?

A social gathering of people wearing disguises or costumes, and amusing themselves with dancing, conversation, or other diversions. a party where people wear special clothes that make them look like a particular character, animal or object. a party where people wear clothes that make them look like a famous person, an animal, a character from a story etc.

How To Choose The Right Costumes

Choosing the right costume for your little girl may not be as difficult as some think. There are a few things to keep in mind in order to get the best for her. Some of the tips that should guide your choice include:

  • The quality of the material should be one that is strong, yet breathable for her to be comfortable in.
  • It should be a colourful designed because that’s what most little girls love.
  • You should pick one that is easy to maintain and also wash.
  • A costume that is complete with other addons is best.
  • It should be fancy enough to catch her interest and also make her the star of the show.

Why Pick A Unicorn Costume For Your Little One

The unicorn has been a character that exists in many movies and children’s stories. Some of these include The Little Unicorn Chu, The Last Unicorn, Barbie’s Of Swan Lake, Nico The Unicorn and many others. The unicorn is often shown as a white horse-like creature with a horn on the forehead. It has always been depicted in various cultures as a symbol of purity and grace. They are magical creatures and children love that idea.

Choosing a unicorn-themed costume for your little girl will definitely get her excited as she will imagine herself as a princess in the unicorn fairytales. The costume would definitely grant her wish of becoming part of a magical adventure. According to most of the stories and movies, only a princess can tame a unicorn. So, it would be amazing if you let your child’s imagination shine through as she gets to be the most dazzling princess in her unicorn costume; while also standing out in the party.

5 Unicorn Costumes Your Little Girl Will Love

At least we now know our little girls do have interest in unicorns and have taken an interest in them. From watching them in movies, reading about them to hearing their friends talk about it. If you would like to get your daughter excited about a/her party, there’s no better way than to surprise her with those things she has always fantasized about.

Here are 5 beautiful, complete unicorn-themed costume that will blow your little girl’s mind, and make her show appreciation whenever she’s in it:

1. Flower Girls Unicorn Dress With Headband:

If you are looking to go for something simple, yet classy, then this one should be your best choice. This princess birthday or party costume is made up of a fancy dress with a unicorn’s eyes and horn, and a unicorn headband to complete the look. Your little girl would love this fairy costume as it would totally make her feel like the little princess she is. It’s the perfect attire for birthday, wedding, pageant, carnival, photoshoot or other amazing parties she has to attend.
Costume Features:
  • The flower girl unicorn dress also comes with a matching unicorn-shaped headband that gives that fairy unicorn look.
  • It is very well designed with a unicorn custom set, bodice embellished with unicorn pattern and flower appliques.
  • It has a multi-layered design, 2 layers of tulle, 2 layers of soft lining and one layer of netting attached to the innermost fabric to give it a fuller look.
  • The material is polyester and cotton which is soft, skin-friendly and of high quality, making it comfortable and stylish.
  • Your little girl can wear this gorgeous costume to almost any occasion. From girls unicorn dress-up party, birthday party, wedding party, photoshoots, stage performance, Christmas party, pageantry, cosplay, carnival, even Halloween or any unicorn-themed party.
  • Washing it won’t stress you out as you can wash with wash and line dried. No bleach or iron required.

2. Long Rainbow Tulle Ball Gown For Little Girl’s Party:

This is almost every little girl’s dream – having a fancy ball gown she can use for parties. This dress is a typical ball gown and is and also very gorgeous enough to suit your little princess just perfect. It is a fancy long maxi unicorn dress in pastel colours. It’s also a sleeveless dress which is simply breathtaking and unique with its exquisite design and detail. Trust me, this lovely unicorn tutu dress will allow your child’s imaginations soar; while making her the centre of the party’s attention.


Dress Features:
  • The dress is adorned with floral, pearl and velvet details on the front that forms a unicorn face; along with a full, hidden back zipper with buttons.
  • It has a 4-layered ruffled peplum skirt, 3-layered tulle skirt, 2-layered soft lining and 1-layered netting.
  • It is a bounce and twirl, whimsy and sweet ball gown that has a variation of colours to choose from.
  • This will make the perfect gift for your little princess, friend’s daughter, baby’s shower or any unicorn lover.
  • It’s perfect for birthday parties, wedding, Christmas, costume carnivals, pageants, gatherings or special occasions.
  • High-quality fabric to ensure your little girl enjoys the costume for as long as possible.
  • Easy to wash, dry and maintain. You can use regular detergent to hand wash. No bleach needed.
  • It’s super comfortable, making your little girl shine bright while feeling totally comfortable.
  • The material used are polyester, cotton and tulle

3. COTRIO Little Girl’s Fancy Unicorn Birthday Dress:

This dreamlike fancy tutu is a masterpiece. If you are looking for the perfect birthday dress for your little girl, this should definitely be your number one choice. It will surely put your girl in that birthday spirit as it is a complete set of cuteness. It has a cute sash with the inscription ‘Birthday Girl’ and this will stand her out of the crowd the more. contrio-fancy-unicorn-dress-headband-and-sash

Dress Features:
  • It is a sleeveless gown which has a hidden back zipper closure, a satin hemline skirt, cute unicorn applique and decorated with shining beads. All these will add to that special birthday effect and make your princess even more gorgeous for her day.
  • It has got exquisite handmade appliques added with extra love to make your girl feel special.
  • Apart from her own birthday party, your little girl can still wear this fancy unicorn dress to other parties. Occasions like pageantries, weddings, Halloween, Christmas and other special occasions where you want her to shine like a diamond. Excluding the sash though (lol).
  • It has got buttons at the back to allow extra space and make it easier to takes off or put on.
  • It has a multi-layer and multicolour design.
  • The set consists of the dress, a satin sash and a multicoloured headband to help your daughter live out that unicorn adventure she must always be dreaming of.
  • Can be hand washed in cold water and line dried.

4. Rainbow Unicorn Costume With Jewellery, Headband & Satin Sash:

This costume consists of a gorgeous, rainbow unicorn dress that is puffy and has lovely pink flowers and ribbons that will make your little girl feel like a special princess. It has got a pretty satin sash with a ‘Birthday Girl’ inscription on it. With this cute short ball gown, your baby is definitely going to enjoy that birthday adventure she has only seen on TV or imagined in her head.
Dress Description:
  • This costume is made of of a beautiful, rainbow ball dress, a unicorn satin sash, a unicorn-designed headband and unicorn jewellery set of necklace and bracelet to complete the look.
  • It is perfect for your girl’s birthday party.
  • If you are looking for the perfect attire for her for Christmas, Halloween, dress-up parties, performances etc, then you have found the right choice.
  • The perfect gift for any little girl who’s having a party of her own.
  • Materials are polyester and cotton so you are sure that your princess is comfortable each time she’s wearing this.
  • Simple care instructions to handle this costume. Just a mild hand wash and line dried for a while and you are good.
  • High-quality fabric to ensure that your little girl enjoys this bundle of cuteness as long as she can.

5. Gorgeous Unicorn Dress With Complete Jewellery Set, Sash & Headband:

I saved the best for the last. So, if you scrolled right to the last one, trust me, you didn’t miss out on the best recommendation I got for you. It’s an amazing unicorn costume dress that is sure to take your daughter on a ride right on the unicorn’s back (no kidding). It comes with a complete unicorn jewellery set so you don’t have to worry about getting her matching jewellery. This will definitely make her super gorgeous rocking a complete unicorn look. It’s best for her own birthday party as it has a birthday sash.
Dress Features:
  • The unicorn costume includes a dress, 1 unicorn headband,  1 unicorn necklace, 1 unicorn bracelet, 1 unicorn ring, a pair of unicorn earrings, 1 unicorn satin sash for the birthday girl.
  • This cute unicorn dress and exquisite unicorn jewellery will make your girl the most dazzling unicorn princess at any party.
  • It’s perfect for birthday parties, Christmas, dress up, Halloween, cosplay, role play, carnival etc.
  • Made from polyester and cotton to keep your little girl comfortable in it all day.
  • Only handwash is required.
  • The quality is great so you are guaranteed a long-lasting dress costume for your girl.


Just like Peter S. Beagle said in The Last Unicorn, “Whatever can live is beautiful — more beautiful than a unicorn who is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world”. Your gorgeous princess dressed in an elegant unicorn costume will surely make her stand out beautifully confident and classy at any party.

With this nice surprise that will allow your little girl not to miss out on their pretty adventure, you’ll be the best mom forever. You will feel proud knowing on her day or any special day, your princess is adorned with beautiful colours to bring about a feeling of happiness for her while helping her realize her princess adventure dreams.

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