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6 Unicorn Makeup Ideas from Pinterest You Must Try

The unicorn looks good on almost everything when some colour and style is added on it. Looking for some amazing makeup ideas you can try? Trust me, you have reached the post that will show you some cool ones you will love to try. Many unicorn makeup ideas can be found on Pinterest and you will definitely be tempted to try them out. More fun and excitement will be added to that look if you make use of these unicorn-inspired ideas. Let me share with you the best 6 makeup ideas from Pinterest which are inspired by the unicorn.


Why We Need New, Fresh Makeup Ideas

First off, makeup is the application of cosmetics to the face to enhance or alter your appearance. This can be from having full-faced makeup to costume makeup to even makeup that is used to change your overall appearance or enhance it. While it is not exactly a bad idea to always wear regular makeup each day to work or school or something, it is a lot better if you try out new looks to those events that require making a bold statement.

For parties, carnivals, other events or holidays, you can always try out new and fresh makeup ideas to get people to see a different side of you. Any occasion that requires you to look a whole kind of different is the perfect place to rock a unicorn makeup look to.

Why You Should Try Unicorn-Inspired Makeup Looks

In case you are wondering why unicorn looks in the first place, let me give you a few reasons why this fresh look should be a welcomed idea:

  • The unicorn-inspired look can pass you off as bold, confident and brave.
  • It is usually a colourful look so now you have the opportunity to crack open your colourful palettes you have long abandoned.
  • The look is unique and no doubt you would have heads turning your way.
  • It is becoming a fancy trend among people going for costume parties.
  • Unicorns are said to be associated with the moon and this connection is been interpreted as feminine energy.
  • It is widely believed that the Unicorn is a symbol of magic and wonders; this can leave magical trails behind while you talk to people at parties.
  • A Unicorn-inspired makeup could enhance your imagination because the Unicorn is strongly associated with a vibrant imagination.
  • Unicorn-inspired makeup brings nature right to your face. It makes you appreciate the wonders of nature.
  • Anyone would love it and it is easy to achieve.

6 Unicorn Makeup Ideas from Pinterest You Must Try

So, you have decided to try out new makeup ideas and want to see some unicorn inspiration; let me show you 6 of the best unicorn makeup ideas you will love to try all by yourself.

1. Unicorn Specially For Halloween:

It has cute glitters shining all over your top face while a big headband made of the unicorn horn is worn at the centre of the head. The unicorn’s horn is big and pointed upwards while the face is painted with cute colours to give it some fancy look. This is quite pretty and can be a little scary if you choose to use dark colours to decorate the face instead of blue. It is meant to be a little scary because this is a makeup idea for Halloween. Remember Halloween mixes both fright and fun so having this unicorn makeup idea will be fascinating.



2. Unicorn Face painting (Above eyes):

If you don’t want the unicorn on the two sides of your eyes, you can also consider drawing the unicorn on one side. For this makeup idea, the unicorn is fully drawn on the left side of the eye, the left eye precisely. The tail is painted directly on the eyelids while the unicorn’s head is on the left side of the forehead right on top of the eyes. It features stars scattered around the forehead and undereye and yes, it gives a look of beauty, goodness and positivity as that’s what stars and unicorns symbolize.



3. Unicorn Face Painting:

The unicorn does not fail to be the perfect makeup idea for a costume party as you can also consider a different design. Having the unicorn painted on your forehead where everyone can see it is great especially for kids. Here you can have the unicorn painted on the forehead alone without any painting on the eyes. The longhorns and ears are prominently visible in this makeup style and is a completely unique look especially when done perfectly. Naturally, the horn of the unicorn is special and so having it right on your forehead for a costume party can speak a lot about how special you are and how much you can touch lives wherever you are.


4. Unicorn Festive Face Painting:

This unicorn face paint design covers both eyes as both eyes are equally painted to be the eyes of the unicorn while the horn and ears are painted at the centre and across the forehead. This painting affects the entire face because it changes the look of the person that has it. It is a very exciting unicorn makeup idea for festivals because the eyes of the bearer are painted to look like the unicorn eye while the unicorn design is made at the forehead. This look is an amazing piece as it speaks colour and mystery in the eyes of others.


5. Unicorn Horn Makeups:

It is not all unicorn makeup designs that involve a face painting. Some involve making of the unicorn design and attaching them to the forehead or head like a hat.  However, the unicorn horn can be pointed upward or pointed forward towards the centre of the face. Some pretty flower patterns can also be attached there too to make it more beautiful. This unicorn makeup does not involve the painting of ears and eyes, just your usual makeup, a little glitter and your horn to complete the look. The unicorn horn which is designed to attract attention will just be the ideal for your party. This shows a lot of boldness and confidence and can cause people to look your way at any party.


6. Archzine Unicorn Makeups:

This unicorn makeup idea is suitable both for adults and kids. But it looks more mature on adults. If your goal is to have some fun with your makeup then this unicorn design is the best idea for you. The unicorn can be painted on the centre of the face and your eyes can be painted as the unicorn’s eyes while your forehead would be the spot for the horn and some part of the front mane. It is bright and attention-grabbing, surely people would love to take a second glance.


How To Create Each Of These Looks

I know you may be probably wondering how you can achieve each of these looks. Well, unless you are already into face art or very advanced makeup, you may struggle a bit with these. But not to worry, each of the image and title can lead you directly to the page where you can see the complete tutorial on how to achieve this. Contrary to what you might think, these makeup ideas inspired by unicorns are not as hard as they may look.

Best of all, it can serve just fine for Halloween, carnival or costume parties. Don’t forget to grab your unicorn makeup holographic face glitter. This comes in a gorgeous range of different colours to help you choose the perfect look for your unicorn makeup. It adds a dramatic effect and leaves your face shiny all day long. This professional face painting kit with stencils or this neon fluorescent body painting kit can also come in very handy as a body paint to make up the look. It is the perfect accessory to spice up your makeup for the next party, festival, photoshoot or even a night out. Don’t worry, they aren’t permanent and can be washed off with ease.

The body paint and glitter, or even your colour eyeshadow palettes or other coloured makeup items can be used together to achieve the best unicorn makeup look for any costume party you are looking to attend. There is definitely no way you won’t be the star of the show, catching positive attention the whole time.

Need unicorn-designed Halloween or costume party dress inspirations?

If you want a look that can complement any of these makeup looks, I have got the perfect recommendations for you. There are tons of dresses/outfits for both adults and kids that you can choose from. I wrote a full post on this and I can bet you will find a good choice to go with your unicorn makeup. Click here to see the 2020 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Unicorns which I know you will love.



The unicorn has gradually assumed the identity of a beautiful and fun animal. It looks good on everyone whether adult or kids and it can be a very popular makeup idea that everyone should try. Do not shy away from throwing open your coloured palettes which you have not touched for long. They would definitely come in handy and help to give your face a colourful lift and make people stare for longer just to get a fill of the magic on your face.

What do you think?


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