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Best 5 Wooden Unicorn Jewellery Boxes For Girls

We have been told not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to jewellery boxes this is the opposite. Valuable pieces of jewellery are kept in very valuable boxes and one of the ways to know a good jewellery box is a satisfaction you feel when you look at them. You open it to see your jewellery collection and you feel nothing less than pure joy. That’s why it’s important to get the best jewellery box and not just any jewellery box, but the ones inspired by legendary creatures like the unicorn. In this post, I will show you 5 beautiful, unicorn-themed jewellery boxes that would give you that satisfaction and joy just knowing your jewellery is lying safe inside.

Musical Unicorn Jewellery Box with Flower & Love

What Is A Jewellery Box?

A jewellery box can also be known as a jewellery organizer. It is a box that is used in storing pieces of jewellery of different kinds ranging from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, rings, etc. Jewellery boxes are usually made from trusted materials such as wood, metal, porcelain etc, and they come in different sizes, shapes or design.

What Does A Jewellery Box Symbolize?

A jewellery box symbolizes organization, neatness and class. Owners of jewellery boxes can be said to be organized and know the value of what they own, especially when they learn this from a young age. So if you think you are having a challenge with keeping things organized, owning a jewellery box will be the perfect place to start from.

Why Do I Need A Jewellery Box?

As stated earlier, a jewellery box speaks volumes of what it contains. It tends to add value to a jewel and keep your collection properly organized and within reach. Here are a few more reasons why you should own a jewellery box.

  • An item of value should be kept in a place of value so that others can know how much they mean to you. Leaving your jewels lying around the house may cause others to abuse it. Keeping your jewels in jewellery boxes sees to it that your valuables are not abused.
  • A good jewellery box will definitely command value onto the jewel it carries.
  • Your jewellery box will keep your jewels protected from dust and prevent it from rusting or changing their colours fast.
  • It helps to make your pieces of jewellery organized as most jewellery boxes come with different compartment reserved for a particular type of jewellery. This prevents it from clustering and getting tangled, especially the necklaces.
  • Pieces of jewellery can be easily located when placed in a jewellery box. You made the jewellery arrangement and so you know where to look to find any particular jewellery.
  • A jewellery box also protects a piece of jewellery from unnecessary damage. When pieces of jewellery are exposed with little regards to their safety, it makes it easy for such jewels to lose their beauty, gather dust or get scratches.

How To Know The Jewellery Box Suitable For You

We all have different taste and styles when it comes to choosing items or designs, but it is worthwhile to note some important factors to consider when you plan on choosing a jewellery box that will suit your personality. Here are some things to keep in mind?

1. Size:

The size of your jewellery collection is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right jewellery box for them. Don’t get a jewellery box just because of its fancy looks and then ignore the capacity of jewels it can carry in the process. The bigger the jewellery box the better, especially if you are one with a knack for increasing your jewellery collection.

2. Durability:

Picking a durable, long-lasting jewellery box is also very important when choosing one for yourself. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a particular object repeatedly when there are durable options around.

3. Easy to clean and maintain:

Your choice of a jewellery box has to be one that can be easily cleaned after it would have been used for a while. A clean jewellery box is tantamount to a piece of clean jewellery.

4. The type of design:

The design of a jewellery box is actually the icing on the cake when it comes to making your pick of jewellery boxes. The design gives not only the jewellery box and the jewellery an identity but the owner as well.


Why A Unicorn Designed Jewellery Box Stands Out From The Rest

The unicorn as an animal symbolizes grace, purity and strength. It has been known for years for its magic, charisma and beauty. It may have gone extinct for over 29000 years ago, but its exploits still live on till this day. Here are some reasons why you should prioritize a unicorn designed jewellery box more than others:

  • The unicorn speaks of strength and endurance. Having a unicorn-themed jewellery box and seeing your jewellery in it would remind you of the strength of a unicorn. And then rocking them each day would give you a kind of confidence that you can overcome obstacles and pull through life as strong as the unicorn itself.
  • A unicorn designed jewellery box will definitely ensure purity just like the unicorn itself. The perfect gift for yourself or any other girl in your life should definitely be one that will constantly remind them of how pure their heart is. While also keeping their jewels free from all external stains.
  • Unicorns were actually rare during the time of its existence. Anyone in possession of a unicorn-themed jewellery box can consider themselves unique in so many ways. It also says a lot about the pieces of jewellery it carries. You don’t need a limited edition box for a piece of jewellery to be unique. Being in a unicorn-themed jewellery box already gives it that status.

 The Best Four Wooden Jewellery Boxes With Unicorn Design

Now that you have seen good reasons why a unicorn-themed jewellery box should be your best choice, I want to show you the best five wooden unicorn jewellery boxes that you can choose from to carry your valuable jewels. If you are actually wondering why I’ll be showing you wooden boxes, it’s because I want to complete the theme since unicorns were found mostly in the woods; and also because wooden boxes last longer and are more durable than any other type of box. So here are the best picks to choose from:

This particular unicorn jewellery box is my favourite one and looking at the image alone should give you an idea why, lol. It’s very fancy, it has 3 pullout drawers, a necklace carousel wardrobe, 2 extra top compartments, a mirror, my favourite cartoon characters and a calming tune I can hum along to while fixing myself up. The design is unicorn-inspired and everything about it speaks magic and class. Trust me, there’s almost nothing you won’t love about the box.


Product Description
  • It is crafted with durable pine fiberboard material and has a stylish silver-tone latch which is guaranteed to last.
  • The unicorn jewellery box measures 9.5 x 7.75 x 9.5 inches (L x W x H) when closed.
  • This unicorn/fairy princess music jewellery box makes it easy for you to organize your jewellery collection.
  • It has 4 spacious drawers and 2 top compartments to allow plenty of storage of your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other keepsakes.
  • It has a smooth, soft pink and white lining which can help prevent your jewels from getting scratched.
  • Anyone who opens it will get that priceless reaction; the magical fairy princess doll springs up and twirls to the nutcracker – dance of the sugar plum fairy tune which is like every girl’s favourite cartoon growing up.
  • The jewellery box is packaged in a gift box and is ideal to gift any girl for birthday or Christmas or any special occasion. It is sure to put a smile on her face as it’ll be a nostalgic memory for her.
  • The unicorn jewellery box is sure to complement any creative or unicorn or princess decor as it will sit beautifully among the growing collection of beautiful stuff in your room.

2. JEWELKEEPER Musical Jewellery Box With Rainbow Unicorn Design:

With 3 drawers, a top compartment, a rainbow unicorn design, and a true unicorn tune, this is one of the cutest jewellery boxes that girls will love. The musical theme that comes with it makes it a favourite for everyone. It symbolizes the strength, beauty, grace and purity which the unicorn is known for, and also the uniqueness and glamour that only the rainbow is associated with.


Product Description
  • The JEWELKEEPER musical jewellery box represents the unicorn in every word that a unicorn can be described with.
  • It has a spacious bottom corner and two secret side compartments which allow for plenty of space for both large and tiny jewels.
  • Not only will it keep your jewellery organized, but it will also prevent them from getting scratched.
  • This is a perfect gift for a loved one especially young girls with the heart of a unicorn. The joy that follows the idea of storing your jewels in a fancy box like this is second to none.
  • It has a unique watercolour design that inspires creativity. Although this was made with the little children in the mind of the manufacturers, it’s also a good fit for adults with a sense of adventure and magic.
  • This is a jewellery box that is sure to sit beautifully among the other decorations that might be in the room.
  • It is crafted with a durable pine fiberboard material and a stylish gold-tone latch which is durable enough and will go a long way to add to your already glistering personality.
  • It has also passed all the required safety tests and standards, so common accidents can be avoided.
  • The dimension is 6.7 x 6.2 x 4.8 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 1.4 pounds.
  • This jewellery box is a perfect gift item as it symbolizes all that we need to be in terms of the uniqueness, beauty, and music. Gifting this item to a loved one would place you in their heart forever. 

3. ENCHANTMITS Unicorn Music Jewellery Box:

This is another masterpiece as its exquisite unicorn design captures the purity, innocence and youth of the unicorn. It also includes a deep top compartment, a bottom drawer and two tiny sides capable of storing any jewellery of your choice. The magic of the unicorn spinning when it slides open makes it all the more captivating.


Product Description
  • It is decorated with the beautiful artwork of a unicorn in an enchanted forest; which is just the perfect design setting for any unicorn lover.
  • The jewellery box comprises of a hinged top with an interior mirror inside the compartment.
  • It has a twirling unicorn and a lovely velvet-flocked paper lining making it a safe haven to keep your valuable pieces of jewellery.
  • It meets all the safety guidelines making it a perfect gift for girls on any special occasion in general. You are sure it will light up the heart of anyone in possession of it.
  • You can wind it up to hear it play “The unicorn”and enjoy the feeling of being entertained by your jewellery box.
  • This jewellery box is excellent for small jewellery and treasures.
  • The dimension is 6.75 x 4.75 x 6 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 1.67 pounds.
  • The jewellery box brings with it the magic of the unicorn and is a must-have for everyone who wants a spice of the unicorn attributed to their homes and lives in general.

 4. GIRLZONE Unicorn Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box:

This particular box is a special jewellery box for little girls who love fancy unicorn adventures. You wouldn’t want your daughter, little sister, niece to be left out of the fun now, would you? Its many compartments proving valuable to save tiny pieces of jewellery. It is also a perfect gift for the girl child and comes with its own aura of magic and elegance that the unicorn is known for.


Product Description
  • The unicorn jewellery box has a soft pocket for rings and earrings which protects the pieces of jewellery from scratches and tangles. It is definitely a conducive environment for any jewellery to be in.
  • It has a drawer for larger items and a smaller space on top for other jewels.
  • This drawer has a beautiful jewelled handle which is used to push and pull the drawer. This is surely a touch of perfection and class.
    It has a rotating musical ballerina which can be turned on using a dial at the back of the jewellery box. This gives you an option just in case you are not in the mood for any form of music.
  • The clasp which also has a special appearance helps keep all the jewellery in its position, safe and intact.
  • It gives a magical feeling which begins unveil as soon as the jewel box is opened and the ballerina starts to twirl.
  • The jewellery box is covered with lovely drawings of a unicorn, a princess and an enchanted castle. The perfect combination of strength, purity, authority and wealth.
  • The bright colour makes it a plus to the decorations in the room where you will keep it.
  • This musical jewellery box has a dimension of 7.48 x 4.53 x 3.74 inches (L x W x H)  and weighs 1 pound.
  • It meets the required safety standards and guidelines so you are sure that it is safe in the hands of your little girl.
  • It will make an awesome birthday present for little girls as it entails not only the magic and purity of a unicorn but also the grace and authority a princess command accompanied with the luxury that comes with living in a castle she practically owns.

5. AMITIE LANE Unicorn Jewellery Box With Music Box and Charm Bracelet:

Although this isn’t the case of saving the best for last, the Amitie Lane jewellery box comes with not just its own beauty and elegance but also with extra beautiful addons! The unicorn jewellery box comes with gifting the owner, not just one but two unicorn experiences; a unicorn music jewellery box and a unicorn charm bracelet. So you not only get to have a unicorn-themed item at home but also get to walk around with one on your wrist. How cool is that?!


Product Description
  • It comes with the rare gift of two unicorns. A unicorn music box and a unicorn charm bracelet which is definitely more than what a unicorn lover can ask for.
  • The unicorn music box which doubles as a music box and a jewellery box come with a complete drawer, mirror and a spinning unicorn. It is truly an embodiment of a girl’s desire.
  • The unicorn bracelet can be used as a separate gift on its own, owing to the fact that it comes with its own pretty pink pouch. A perfect dual gift option.
  • It exceeds all guidelines and safety standards, so you don’t need to worry if they are handled by little children who get the opportunity to waltz into your room and go for your box.
  • The bracelet is adorned with lovely rhinestone beads, talk about adding class to class.
  • This masterpiece is made from sturdy MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is known for its durability and longevity under standard conditions.
  • The jewellery box is decorated with a unicorn design which is in itself the icing on a very tasty cake.
  • The Yensheng musical component used in this jewellery box is world-renowned in terms of the quality and excellence it brings to a jewel box. So you can be sure that the tunes emitting from it will play for as long as possible.
  • It has a dimension of 7.1 x 5.1 x 4.3 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • Gifting any unicorn lover this unicorn jewellery box should live you fulfilled knowing that you have touched a very sensitive spot in their heart.
  • This jewellery box is one of a kind and will add to the decoration of any room it ends up in.
Unicorn Wooden Jewellery Box
Wondering why I chose these five boxes as the best?

I chose the 5 jewellery boxes mentioned above because they have special things in common. Apart from the unicorn crest they all carry, the excellence with which they are portrayed and the glowing remarks they got from other customers who own them says a lot. Here are some more reasons why they stand out from the rest:

  • They are made of from very high-quality wooden material which makes it certain that they can stand the test of time.
  • They are the perfect fit for any personality that prides itself in the grace and personality that their character carries.
  • The music theme each jewellery box brings with it, coupled with the fabulous design they bear makes it perfect for anyone desiring perfection.
  • Few gifts can be as romantic as gifting a jewellery box that sings when it opens. The sound they make each time they open reminds anyone of how special and rare they are, like the unicorn.
  • They can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • There is excellence they give to their respective owners and the jewellery they protect and dignify.
  • The jewellery boxes have got mostly good customer reviews from buyers.

If you truly want value and worth for your money when it comes to purchasing a jewellery box, these five mentioned above are definitely the ones to choose from. They would give you everything you want from a jewel box sprinkled with a touch of your favourite magical creature – the unicorn. The unicorn as an animal holds a very reputable place in the hearts and minds of humans as we know it. Having one of these jewellery boxes will surely make you stand out while allowing yourself to enjoy the feeling of basking in the magical moments only a unicorn can bring.

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