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Best 5 Elegant Unicorn Dresses For Women

Clothes are what we wear to feel relaxed, comfortable, and presentable. For women, dresses/gowns are like a must-have and everyone would have a different reason why they love it. If you are looking to snag some cute dresses to add to your collection, I have got five of the best recommendations for you. They are unicorn-inspired dresses and trust me, they are elegant enough to make you look chic and classy in it.


Why Clothes Are Necessary

Clothes are essential for our communications with people. It’s probably the first thing people notice when we first come in contact with them. There is a reason why we dress formally for corporate events and interviews. We can’t always dress the same for other places. The cloth you wear to school/work is definitely not the same as the one you wear to a wedding. And the cloth you wear to sit around at home is very different from the one you wear for a job interview.

People tend to identify your professionalism firstly by how you are dress before they have a go at what your mind carries. We don’t judge books by their covers, but in the dressing sense, that is not usually the case. For this reason, clothes are supposed to be picked based on usage and also how comfortable it would be for us. Dresses just happen to cut across these. You can wear a dress to work, school, party, shopping, you name it. Dresses are definitely one of the clothes that we can use for a lot of things without getting tired of them.

Benefits Of Having The Right Clothes For The Right Occasion

A lawyer will not dress like a doctor except he wants a disguise. The same goes for others. People do not get over-dressed when they ought to be under-dressed or get under-dressed when they are supposed to be over-dressed.

Having the right outfit for the right occasion is essential for having the best out of whatever the occasion might have to offer. And need I say that dresses can have you covered in a lot of ways without having to stress you out when you want to pick out an outfit for any occasion. Here are some reasons why you should first consider a dress for any occasion:

  1. It gets you ready for opportunities. Putting on the right set of clothes will always position you for opportunities they present themselves. You can be in a dress anywhere and get called in for a hangout, date or even an interview and you may not need to rush back home for a quick change.
  2. You will never be caught unfresh as a dress will always leave you looking elegant and chic at all times.
  3. A dress for any occasion will always give you a confidence boost regardless of who you’re going to meet. It just takes you one step ahead.
  4. Regardless of what you have to offer when you are all dressed for an event in an elegant manner; it can cause you to attract good attention and turn the right heads.

It is always important to dress like the opportunity you wish to attract because you never know who you might run into.

What Should Your Dresses Look Like?

If you ever decide to go for dresses, you need to keep in mind what they should look like. This is because you don’t want to have a dress which can only be worn in certain places. Not that this is a bad idea, but unless you are ready to have tons of dresses in your wardrobe for different occasions, it’s best to stick to one that can take you almost anywhere. Your dresses should look:

  • Comfortable
  • Elegant
  • Covering the right places (if you want something conservative)
  • Beautiful with amazing designs, prints or patterns.
Best print/design your dress should display

The current fashion has us seeing tons of dressing in different prints, patterns and designs. This can even get overwhelming when you are trying to choose just a few dresses. This leaves us with the question, what is the best print/design a dress should display? The honest answer to this is – a print that represents your kind of person, your personality and something you want to be related with or known for.

In case no one has told you, people can give you funny or suspicious looks if your dress is having a derogatory writeup, unpleasant design or a ridiculous print. Trust me, that is not what you want especially as you are trying to make a good impression. Your dress can even be the reason someone will have a great day regardless of what they might be passing through, and it can also be the reason someone gets pissed off. I will always stick to the former for obvious reasons.

The clothes we put on should showcase our character and also appreciate those who we might come in contact with, either knowingly or unknowingly. People tend to start up a conversation with us simply because they appreciate the look our dress gives us. So, it’s important to ensure that what they have to say to us is not offensive due to an offensive design on our outfit.

Your strength and character should be the first thing people see when they look at you, and that can be made possible when the dress we wear speak as such. If you want to know my own idea of the best print/design on a dress, I will say a UNICORN!


Why should you have a unicorn print/design on your dress?

The unicorn is an animal that cuts across generations. Unicorns might be extinct, but their fame still stands to this day. Here are the major reasons why your dress should have a unicorn print/design:

  1. People, especially ladies of all age groups have a fondness for the unicorn and it’s hard not to see why. Unicorns represent a lot of things; they are known to be pure, strong, peaceful, confident and magical. Let me also add that for a gender that some regard as the “weaker sex”, it’s important that they associate themselves with a creature that gives them the optimism they need to succeed next to the so-called “stronger sex”.
  2. Many girls today are fast growing into women of substance and value in a world where some people still believe they are limited. I dare say that the characteristics of the unicorn have been really fused into them from childhood that when they grow up, they actually become unicorns, in a positive sense. So when you see the success of many women around the world, then it becomes obvious where it all started.
  3. A lady who has a unicorn on her dress is most likely to have a likeable character. This is because unicorns can positively influence one and having a unicorn on you can cause one to want to portray or represent the traits the unicorns have.

Unicorns are awesome in all retrospect and will continue to ignite the lives of many for generations to come. Best to tap into the good side and allow it to guide you to be better while you can.

What a Unicorn-themed dress can do for you

There are several reasons to rock a Unicorn-themed dress as long as it matches the occasion. Some of them are as follows:

  1. They make you approachable and get you prepared for opportunities.
  2. They showcase the strength of your character.
  3. A unicorn-themed dress is likely to grant you favours from strangers. The unicorn has a special attraction to it which can’t be ignored.
  4. A unicorn-designed dress is sure to showcase your values for all to see.

With all these in mind, let me show you a few unicorn-inspired dresses which would do you a whole lot of good.

Best 5 Elegant Unicorn-Inspired Dresses For Women

1. Women’s Sleeveless Unicorn-Inspired Dress:

Looking for a sophisticated kind of dress with a hint of a hot look? This is definitely your best bet. For parties, beach walking, girls night out or even a date, this unicorn-inspired dress is a great choice.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

This lovely looking dress is made up of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. It is soft and stretchy. It is also lightweight, completely durable and comfortable.

  • Material Design

The Unicorn design on this beautiful dress is made with the highest grade print and state of the art equipment. This ensures that the colours are vibrant, sharp, and long-lasting. The designs are sure to be clearly visible as long as the dress is in existence regardless of how many times it is washed.

  • Easy to wash and maintain

They can be washed by either a machine or by hand. It is a quick-dry fabric so you can decide to wear it at night and wash it in the morning.  Bleach should not be used on the material during washing.

  • Different Sizes

More amazing is the fact that the dress comes in different sizes for all. So it doesn’t matter if you are a plus-size or anything, you must find a fit for your body. There are 5 Regular Sizes and 4 Plus Sizes available to choose from

  • Perfect Gift

If you want to surprise that special lady in your life, this dress can work just great. It is cute, fashionable and colourful and any girl will love the design.

The dress is extremely comfortable and can be worn by all women no matter the occasion. It would fit any lady perfectly. If you are ready to make this yours, simply click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can make your purchase.

2.  Short-Sleeved Summer Dress With Round Neck & Pockets:

This ALISISTER sundress is an amazing dress with colourful unicorn designs. It has a pocket you can put small items in and it can serve for various events. It is a dress in between classy and trendy so you are not going wrong whenever you choose to rock this to a certain place.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

The material is made up of polyester and cotton which is a perfect combination of the best clothing materials available.

  • Material Design

The unicorn designs on this dress are brightly coloured. You are sure to get lots of positive compliments when you put it on. It has a short sleeve, a crew neck and depending on how tall you are, this can get to your knee. As stated earlier, it has side pockets to give it an extra edge from its contemporaries.

  • A dress for various functions

It can be worn to parties, dinner reservations, the beach, poolside and many other places as the list is endless. It can be worn to work on a casual wear day as well. Just trust the dress to get you covered in every area.

  • Easy to maintain

The summer dress is very easy to maintain and can be washed by hand or with the machine. Mild detergents should be used and it can also be ironed to give you that reserved look.

Get a glowing remark anytime you put on this outfit and watch yourself explore all the possibilities and opportunities it brings along with it. You are surely on the right track when you start your day with a bright-looking unicorn dress such as this. Visit this link to find the page where you can purchase this unicorn-inspired dress and be the best of yourself.

3. Women’s Cap-Sleeve Retro Cocktail Dress With Pockets:

Work? Dinner? Formal meeting? Church? You name it! This retro cocktail dress will make you the star of the show wherever you step in wearing it. It has this air of seriousness as well as elegance so you are sure that you are striking a good balance if you choose it for work-related occasions.


Product Description
  • Dress Material

This dress is made of 95% cotton 5% spandex with a comfortable lining on the top. This is a perfect blend for any dress to keep you comfortable and free from any itch.

  • Features

The dress has got cap sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, a hidden back zipper, an empire Waist, pockets and shaped in a V-length.

  • Material Design

The unicorns drawn on this dress are warm on the eyes so you shouldn’t be bothered about appearing in bright-coloured clothes if your workplace frowns on that. The designs are unique and can get you very good compliments from colleagues and employers alike.

  • A dress for different occasions

From weddings, balls, theme parties, cocktails or work, this dress has got you covered even if you are caught unawares.

  • Easy to maintain

The dress can be machine- or hand-washed. You can also line dry it and iron it with low heat if you choose. No stress involved in washing it except there is a major stain on it which in most cases you can’t fully see it.

  • Various sizes

Don’t worry about not getting your size in this exquisite dress. There are tons of sizes available to choose from so you are sure to see some that would fit you perfectly.

Click this Amazon page link to go straight to where you can purchase one of these for yourself.

4. Women’s Sleeveless Scoop-Neck Summer Dress:

With a sleeveless arm and U-neckline, this summer beach dress is a go-to dress on days you just want to be casual but still elegant. It is great for simple date nights, beach, festivals and even just a romantic walk in the park. In fact, with a cardigan, nude-coloured leggings, boots and scarf, you can rock this gown even on cold days. A simple sandal or flats is fine on hot days too.


Product Description
  • Dress Material

The sleeveless dress is made with very comfortable, stretchy and breathable materials that are perfect for any weather or small outing. It has a smooth and soft feel so even though you have sensitive skin, you can still enjoy this dress.

  • Features

The dress is a sleeveless tank dress with a scoop neck, cute waistline, chic design printing and a knee-length. It has a ball-like look to give you that feel of elegance and royalty.

  • Material Design

The dress design is unique and can draw good attention to you. It is very colourful so you shouldn’t worry about adding colours to your life as this unicorn-designed dress has got you.

  • For different places

With this dress, you can comfortably wear this to a date night, wear to work on a hot day or just casually walk with a friend around the park or beach. Keep your mind open though, this dress can still work fine if you want to wear it to a party or formal meeting. You can match it with aa jacket, coat, shirt or blouse. It is simply attractive and fashionable.

  • Easy to maintain

This beauty can be washed with cold water, dry cleaned or washed gently with hands. It can also be dried in a dryer and ironed even though it doesn’t crease and can dry very fast. No need to bleach it or soak with other clothes. Washing it separately and immediately can work fine as it doesn’t hold stains.

  • Perfect Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift ideas for her, you have just got yourself the perfect one. The unicorn is almost like every girl’s fantasy and getting her a beautiful dress with the print will just make her day even more.

This link would take you to the page on Amazon where you can get one for yourself and pride yourself with the personality of the unicorn.

5. Women’s Unicorn-Printed Crew Neck Dress:

Whatever the occasion, whether sitting by the poolside with a cocktail or going out to dinner with a friend, this soft dress is there for the rescue. It fits great on anyone and feels even better. You can wear this semi-formal and breathtaking unicorn-printed dress anywhere and have heads turning the right way.

Product Description
  • The fabric is made with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. It is a stretchy knit but not clingy. It is comfortable, breathable and wrinkle-free. The soft fabric allows for easy movement and a nice, breezy feel.
  • Colours are bright and summery which would definitely put you in the mood for parties and long summer nights.
  • Perfect for staying cool and relaxed all day, this dress has a comfy design with easy pullover styling, short sleeves and a modest crew neck.
  • With a flared skirt with a knee-length hem swing that drapes nicely, you can be this would be great for dancing.
  • Two open side pockets are there for carrying light items so you have less to worry about carrying bags and focusing more on having fun.
  • This sweet dress can match easily with almost everything. From tights/leggings, cardigan, scarf, flats, heels, boots, just name them. As long as you are comfortable with adding anything, you are not going wrong.

Clicking this link would take you right where you can make an order for this sweet dress and have yourself all dressed up in a chic and classy unicorn print dress.

More Unicorns To The Rescue!

Well, let’s just say you need extra help completing the unicorn look, I have got extra unicorn recommendations for you. Check them out below:

1. A Unicorn-Designed Ankle-Strap Sandal:

Featuring holographic glitters and a spiral 7 inches heel that looks like a unicorn’s horn, this ankle-strapped sandal can fit almost any dress you throw on. If you even pick any of the above dresses, you can comfortably pair it with this sandal. It is super-cute, classic and very fashionable. Click this link and make this yours in no time.


2. A Unicorn-Inspired Ankle-High Boot:

Simply capture people’s mind with this lovely unicorn boots that will leave the wearer looking and feeling divine. It is a sight to behold and is perfect for making a bold fashion statement. It can also go well with any of our recommendations for adult Halloween costumes which you can find here – Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Unicorns. To be taken straight to the page where you will find this beauty and make it yours, click this link.

Pleaser-Womens-Unicorn-Ankle-high Boot

3. “Unicorns are awesome” T-shirt:

The “unicorns are awesome” T-shirts are cool T-shirts that can be paired with good pants or jean trousers and worn to any occasion you dim fit. The design and style are sure to make you stand out amongst the crowd. It has a very cute unicorn graphic printed boldly on the front of the T-shirt as well as the inscription “unicorns are awesome”.  This T-shirt is definitely a great conversation starter that will give you good attention especially from unicorn lovers. Click this link and make your own order on amazon to be sent one of these T-shirt.

unicorns-are-awesome-t-shirt4. Women’s Ultra Soft High-Waist Fashion Leggings:

These high-waist leggings provide the ultimate comfort for any occasion. The leggings can be worn on any occasion whether a night out with the girls or just hanging out at home; they are sure to keep you comfy while making you and others feel good. Visit the page on Amazon by clicking here to get one of yours too.


5. Unicorn-Printed Women’s High-Top Sneakers:

This classic high-top canvas shoe is a great fashion design for every women or girl. It has a classic lace-up closure and is perfect for casual or stylish outings. From walks to parties and to even night outs, this canvas will serve you for almost any occasion. Hit this link to see price and get one for yourself.


6. Unicorn and Galaxy Print Women’s Loop Scarf:

Just for the cold days, if you want to stay warm and fashionable, this scarf is there for you. It is a large closed loop of fabric that can be worn in different trendy ways either in a traditional loop, double loop, pull through, and hood. Click here to see all about it and make your own order.


7. Magical Unicorn Women’s Sweater:

Keep the cold out in a fashionable way while keeping the love in. This magical unicorn sweater is a little large and has the perfect snug feeling to keep you warm during cold days. It is fashionable and one of those ugly Christmas sweatshirts that can never go wrong. Click this link to be taken to Amazon and get one for yourself for the cold coming up.



The unicorns we adored when growing up are still adorable despite our advancement in age. They still hold a valuable place in our grown-up society today, and as such should be represented boldly on our attires. The positive traits of the unicorns should be seen in our lives too as they are such great creatures to reckon with.

What do you think?