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Easiest Steps On How To Draw A Full Unicorn (with pictures)

The amazing tales of unicorns will forever remain in our folklore. Unicorns have a fascinating effect on all age groups and races, and will always define what it means to remain head and shoulders above whatever challenges we face or encounter. If you or someone you know was asked to draw a unicorn for a project, or you just want to draw your own unicorn for fun or decoration; you have nothing to worry. In this post, I’m going to show you the simplest way to draw a unicorn at home all by yourself.


Why Unicorns?

Unicorns once existed and have always represented a whole lot of things like innocence, strength, truth and more. They have been on the minds of many for as long as possible and many people keep trying to tap into what this wonderful creature represents just so they can relate to it. We can also see a lot about them in movies and books and you will quite agree that they have held good positions in our minds and even our world. Someone asking for the drawing of a unicorn could be for different reasons. But if for any reason you are ready to draw a unicorn, I am going to explain how you will be able to achieve that now in clear steps.

How To Draw Your Very Own Unicorn In Simple Steps

For the younger generation who are most likely to be susceptible to the influence of the unicorn, they might feel the urge to have a personal portrait of their fantasy. Following the simple steps below should help guide them to accomplishing what would be a great feat on their part.

What you need

The following items are necessary to undertake this task.

  • A pencil
  • Drawing paper or sketchbook
  • An eraser
  • A black pen
  • Your choice of colours (colouring pencils or crayons are fine to work with)
  • Or simply a drawing set containing all the above and more.

Having these items should help you proceed to the next phase I’m about to show you. Although there are several ways to draw a unicorn, the steps listed below will prove to be straight forward and stress-free.

Drawing your unicorn

Here is a picture you can use as a guide while drawing. You can also read the extra details below if you are confused about something.

Img src – it’s genious!
Step 1

Draw two lines on your sketchbook. One line for the unicorn’s face, the other for the unicorn’s upper body. For the face, the shape should be like a “U” with a wider mouth. The body part should jus be a slanting line going down.

Step 2

Draw the forelegs by drawing the first leg using slanting lines and then drawing the second leg slightly above it while hiding the hoof behind the first leg.

Step 3

Draw the hind legs by drawing a half-moon to form the unicorn’s rear and then a slanting long line to curve at the hoof and go back up, to form one hind leg and thigh for now.

Step 4

Then draw the horn of your unicorn. You should start at the bottom of the horn and draw a curved line for the base. Make sure that the base extends a little over the head a bit, then draw the horn the same way you would draw a triangle.

Step 5

Next is to draw the unicorn’s tail and the second hind leg right beside the first one you drew in step 3.  The unicorn’s mane comes next on the right side of your unicorn’s neck. Draw a portion of your unicorn’s hair and also draw curvy lines which can take the shape of spirals, to ensure that it has a curvy look.

Step 6

After that, draw the eye and ensure that it is inside the face you drew before. Then you draw a dot or curve for your unicorn’s nostrils. Ensure that the curve is drawn upside down so as to depict what the nostril looks like. Next, draw curvy lines near the bottom of the legs to create hoofs, and then draw flowing lines in the mane and tail to add a complete look.

Step 7

Finally, erase any stray lines and include more details based on your discretion. Then colour your unicorn with your colouring material, be it a crayon, or a colouring pencil.

And there you have it! You have just made a little child’s dream come true by following these simple steps. Now children can have a feel of magic by simply using their pencils and crayons.


And besides,, who wouldn’t want to be seen drawing this intriguing creature that has stolen the heart of many?

Alternatives to drawing your unicorn

Well, if you are stuck somewhere or maybe you want a more super detailed illustration to draw your own unicorn, here is a book on How to Draw a Unicorn with Simple Shapes in 5 Steps. Alternatively, if all you need is a drawing of an already made unicorn, here are 2 of the best I can recommend.

1. Removable Unicorn Door Mural Decals Sticker:

This peel and stick door and wall unicorn design is the perfect way to make a statement without having to redecorate your entire room. It is the perfect room decor and can serve as the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion.removable-unicorn-wall-door-sticker

2. Watercolour Unicorn Starry Night Wall Painting Art:

This wall decor print poster comes with a vibrant and extraordinary appearance. It can bring life to your room and add that extra dose of colour to your house. It can also be the perfect unique birthday, wedding, anniversary and holiday gift for the kids, friends and loved ones



Drawing a unicorn from scratch has never been a big deal and so when you see someone who needs help getting one drawn, or you simply want to have one for yourself; you can’t hesitate to get one up as you have seen the easiest way to do that on your own. Now you can have a unicorn and always be reminded of what it represents like purity, strength and even authority.

What do you think?