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Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Unicorns

Halloweens are one of the most celebrated holidays and a time most people look out for. It’s a time where people, most especially the kids try to mimic their favourite characters in real life, and try their possible best to outdo one another. Halloweens are not just for children though. Even the adults get in the act by having Halloween parties, giving out awards to the best-dressed couple and engaging in exciting activities.

It is generally a day people look forward to for the purpose of catching fun and dressing like our dream characters in reality, even if it is once a year. If you are searching for the best Halloween costume ideas for yourself or kids that depict an amazing animal with a cool personality, stick around let me show you the best options you will love. They are all female unicorn-themed costumes that will definitely help you make a statement once you walk into any party that day.



The Origin Of Halloween

Halloween is associated with the ancient Greek festival of Samhain. During the 8th century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 as the ‘All Saint day’, the eve before that was known as the ‘All hallows eve’ and then gradually transformed to the ‘Halloween’ as we know it today. The celts celebrated the new year on November 1 and dressed like animals or scary creatures on the eve of the celebration (Nov 1) to ward off ghosts from their domain. It was believed that the under-world always visited at that time of the year, and dressing in a scary way will make the spirits scared. It is this ancient Samhain tradition that is being practised to this very day.

Why Do People Celebrate Halloween?

Today, people celebrate Halloween despite its ancient culture and meaning. It’s actually a fun time to be with friends and family, as well as getting to know characters who you thought never existed until someone decides to put them on like a costume. People can also enjoy the fun of trick or treating. Here are some more reasons why people celebrate Halloween:

  • To make new friends and acquaintances in Halloween parties.
  • Enjoying the freedom of posing as any person or thing you want to be associated with.
  • Showing off planned costumes to friends and loved ones and having them talk about it for a long time, always has a good feel to it.
  • The free sweets and candies gotten by kids is always an incentive they always look forward to at that particular time of the year.
  • As a kid, it’s probably the only time of the year you are allowed to prank an adult without getting your butt whooped, lol. Well, that can be if you are not treated to a ‘treat’ which is usually very unlikely.

Every child looks forward to Halloween for all the treats they can be showered with no doubt! While adults enjoy every single detail that comes with the celebration. From deciding to fully participate in the celebration, picking what to represent, choosing the costume and also showing p to a party and having a Halloween blast.

Why Use Halloween Costumes?

A good costume is synonymous to a good Halloween no doubt. You may be wondering why one can’t just show up to a Halloween party with a regular outfit, that is not entirely a bad idea if you really can pull it through; but where’s the fun in that? lol. So here are some quite obvious reasons why one needs a Halloween costume:

  • The success of a Halloween outing for most kids is usually based on the amounts of sweets you can lure your guest or neighbour into giving you, and this is mostly based on the kind of costume you choose to appear in. Any costume that doesn’t go down well with them may likely result in a few sweets. So having the right costume is always beneficial to a successful Halloween outing for a child.
  • As adults, the idea of expressing yourself through your outfit and also seeing what your friends think of themselves by what they wear to represent can really give a sweet feeling you will not want to trade.
  • The fact that you and others would be allowed to show up in mindblowing costumes almost without limits and not been judged can really make anyone love the celebration even if it’s just for a day.
Why Unicorn-themed Halloween Costumes Are The Perfect Choice



As mentioned, I want to share with you beautiful unicorn-themed Halloween costumes and if you are wondering why to choose this theme in the first place, here is why:

  • Unicorns are adorable creatures that hold a special inspiration for adults and children alike. Anyone rocking a unicorn-inspired costume will always have the attention of anyone they come in contact with.
  • Halloweens are usually known for scary costumes and decorations. Wearing a unicorn-themed costume says a lot about being brave and standing tall in a time when fear is inspired.
  • Unicorns are known for their purity. Halloween will be a perfect holiday to display the innocence of a child.
  • The magical properties of the unicorn also go perfectly well with Halloween celebration. You need every form of magic necessary to repel the forces of evil and of course the unicorn is there for you.
  • A unicorn-theme costume has a way of disguising strength in beauty. While the costume might look very appealing to the eye, the magic and strength of the unicorn are properly mixed in every part of the unicorn costume, making it perfect to ward off the spirits Halloweens are known to depict.
Things To Look Out For In A Unicorn-themed Halloween Costume

Now that you know why you should go for a unicorn-themed costume, the following points should help you get the right unicorn-themed costume for Halloween which you will love:

  1. The horn: a unicorn may just be a regular animal without its horn. The horn of a unicorn has several properties attributed to healing and magic. A unicorn-themed costume should have a horn to go with, and the horn must be visible for all to see.
  2. Beauty and appearance: unicorns are beautiful creatures and knowing this fact entails that, any costume representing this lovely creature shouldn’t be anything less than beautiful and exquisite.
  3. Easy to maintain and clean: unicorns are also known for their easy-going manner despite the complexity of their nature. A unicorn costume should be easy to maintain and not stress the owner out.
  4. Longlasting material: just like the unicorn itself, a costume inspired by the creature should be one that would serve the owner as long as possible so the material should be a durable one.

Five Best Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By The Unicorn

So we have established that Unicorn-themed costumes are perfect for any Halloween regardless of the mood. Let me share with you the 5 best Halloweens inspired by the unicorn which you would love. The following costumes reviewed below will be perfect for Halloween regardless of the age or mood of you, your child or whoever you want to get it for:

  1. Cute and Fashionable Women’s Unicorn Costume for Halloween
  2. JXSTAR Unicorn Costume For Young Girls
  3. The JYZCOS Inflatable Unicorn Halloween Unisex Costume
  4. JiaDuo Rainbow Halloween Costume For Little Girls
  5. Adult Unicorn Halloween Onesie Costume For Women

Do they sound familiar? No? Okay, let’s talk about them.

1. Cute and Fashionable Women’s Unicorn Costume for Halloween:

The perfect Halloween costume need not be complicated. If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant Halloween costume that would set you aside when you are gathered with the others, then this should be your best choice. It is cute, fashionable, classy and can make the wearer stand out from the others in the best way possible.


Product description

  • Made with PolyCotton, this costume will leave your feeling nice for as long as you wear it.
  • The Halloween costume dress is made from super soft plush fabric to ensure a comfortable and sexy look all day long.
  • The adjustable front zipper allows you to customize your look and style with just one zip.
  • This Halloween dress comes with an attached hood adorned with matching unicorn decoration to complete the look for the day.
  • It has got built-in pockets so you don’t have to worry about carrying a matching purse to store something you would want to carry along.
  • It is so easy to wash and maintain so you are sure to enjoy this for as long as possible.

If you can’t wait to have this as one of yours while waiting to rock it on Halloween’s day, here is the link to see more about it on Amazon and purchase for yourself before ticking that off your list.

2. JXSTAR Unicorn Costume For Young Girls:

The JXSTAR unicorn costume for girls is authentic in its design and quality. It radiates grace, purity, and authority to every child that wears it. It’s a typical example of a unicorn sewn in a dress and any young girl would definitely love it. With a headband in form of a unicorn’s horn, wings to add an extra magical feeling and a dress with a unicorn-design, any g=young girl would love to have this to rock for Halloween and show her friends that she too can be capable of magical things.


Product description
  • The rainbow appearance of the Jxstar unicorn costume gives it a radiating glow that is sure to rub-off on any child.
  • It is made up of two outstanding clothing material in the form of cotton and polyester. The lining of the fabric is 100% cotton, while the tulle is 100% polyester.
  • It has a multi-layer tulle skirt that can get to the knee of the child, and it is also covered with a soft cotton lining giving the child comfort both in terms of appearance and feel.
  • The dress comes with a sleeveless arm and a very lovely looking bow tie at the back of the dress.
  • This Jxstar unicorn costume is embodied with 3D flowers which are a beauty to behold, and a unicorn horn which can be worn at any time, or with any other outfit to showcase the magical powers.
  • The wings which can be attached to the dress leaves your child dreaming of endless possibilities that only the unicorn can inspire.
  • It is relatively easy to maintain and can be washed with normal washing detergents.

This unicorn costume is a dress that is befitting for every lovely girl and this dress will surely make her Halloween a memorable one. Want to buy one for your darling princess? Hurry to this link on Amazon to see more about it, prices and review of others who have purchased it before. Trust me, you won’t regret the choice.

3. The JYZCOS Inflatable Unicorn Halloween Unisex Costume:

The JYZCOS inflatable unicorn costume is one the kids will enjoy irrespective of the gender. It is very much suitable for males and females which is due to the fact that the love of the unicorn transcends whatever barrier man has set for themselves.


Product description
  • The costume comes with 1 piece of the suit, 1 pair of gloves, 2 pair of air blower, and 2 pieces of the battery pack. Every item needed for proper dressing is available in the package.
  • The costume can be adjustable and comes in large, medium and small. It ranges from (100cm-135cm) so the height of your child shouldn’t be a problem.
  • It is very easy to wear as well as to remove it. All you need do is to step into the costume, switch on the fan, wait for a few seconds and tada! Your youngster ready to go ‘trick or treating’.
  • The dress is made of polyester which is known for its durability in the clothing line.
  • The costume weighs about 950grams which is relatively light on whoever puts it on. You can be assured that it would not serve as a burden, and it can be walked around in effortlessly.
  • No washing is necessary. All you need do is to store properly and clean occasionally.
  • It also comes in various colours as well, so make sure to pick the best colour that will suit the wearer.

With this unicorn costume, you can enjoy the fun your unicorn character will bring you on Halloween. Click this link to go to the page you can purchase your very own inflatable unicorn costume and get yourself ready for the celebration.

4. JiaDuo Rainbow Halloween Costume For Little Girls:

The JiaDuo little girls dress comes with a design that best captures the image of a princess on anyone. Having a rare touch of royalty to celebrate Halloween will have your child wishing for more Halloweens and festivities alike. This is definitely an adorable costume to wear for Halloween and any other memorable occasion like birthdays. With a unicorn-designed tutu skirt, white shirt, headband, and satin sash, this dress is totally a class of its own.

Product description
  • It is a lovely dress-up clothes for little girls to not just use and dump after Halloween, but to also wear it for special occasions such as birthday parties, school plays and ballet dance.
  • The tutu is made up of 100% polyester material that has an elastic waist. It also comes with soft tulle and satin. The T-shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester which is elastic, soft and skin-friendly. You don’t have to be scared of suffocation.
  • The quality is upgraded to give the tutu a lining and not come out as a see-through. Each of the colour tulles is separated instead of the usual way of sewing it together.
  • The costume comes with 1 white T-shirt, 1 unicorn horn, 1 rainbow tutu skirt, and a pink satin sash to give your child the princess look. For Halloween, the sash can be kept aside since the inscription doesn’t fit into the celebration.
  • The white T-shirt needs to be washed properly and soaked separately from the other coloured fabric after use. The tulle requires just a little wash to get it sparkling again in cases of stains.
  • It is very easy to maintain and clean. A simple wash will suffice.

The JiaDuo girls custom is excellent in terms of exuding the characteristics of the unicorn in a dress. It is perfect for Halloweens and other special occasions such as party costumes, unicorn-themed parties, Christmas celebrations and a host of others. Make this Halloween a memorable one for your baby girl by mixing up royalty, strength, and magic all coupled together in the JiaDuo girls princess dress. Here is a link to buy one for her and make her magical dreams come true.

5. Adult Unicorn Halloween Onesie Costume For Women:

Do you want to come out different from the rest of the clique in a good way for Halloween? If yes then this onesie cutie Halloween costume should totally be yours. It is comfortable, not see-through and would pass you off as the standing-tall, innocent and confident girl who can’t be joked with. This costume comes with a beautiful, white/pink, thick onesie, a fluffy unicorn tail, a super cute headband and a touch of class you don’t want to miss.

Product description
  • The material is a PolySpandex and is very sturdy.
  • This onesie is stretchy, super breathable and comes in various sizes so you are sure that yours would be easy to get.
  • The Unicorn costume may be a dazzling white but you won’t have to worry about any see-through moments as the material is thick.
  • Has a strong zipper which allows for customization of your look and easy on and off comfort.
  • The unicorn bodysuit is made from the highest quality fabric which will definitely keep you feeling supported and comfortable all through a party.
  • The costume comes with the matching headpiece to complete the unicorn look.
  • Material that gives a flattering and supportive look on all body types.

If your goal is to feel pretty and very comfortable all through a Halloween party, you might want to give this one-piece a shot while turning eyes your way all through the day. Visit this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you see the price and what others are saying about it.

6. Rainbow Unicorn Women’s Halloween Costume:

Okay, just say I saved one of the best for the last and you may not be all that wrong. This gorgeous piece of Halloween costume is surely going to give you an elegant air of gear and noise and also speak to people around just how unique you are in many ways. The costume features a simple headband, fancy rainbow tutu skirt, cute pink top, nice wings and leg warmers!

Product description
  • Rocking this eye-catching and spellbinding outfit to your next Halloween party is going to be a blast as you will have more people around you trying to see every detail of your outfit. Not to mention to admire the wearer.
  • This costume is made with 100% polyester and is friendly on the skin.
  • You can hand wash the outfit and hang it out to dry without stress.
  • It is great for Halloween costumes, theme parties, role-playing, dress up, and cosplay.
  • The dress sure resists wrinkles and shrinking.
  • It can also serve as the perfect gift idea for any friend you want to surprise.

Want your very own rainbow Halloween costume that would impress your friends and leave a good impression with others? This link would take you to the page on Amazon where you can make your purchase.


Halloween is also a special time of the year and it would be important to dress accordingly. For kids, the responsibility of dressing the part in other to have a successful ‘trick or treat’ escapade lies on the parent to get the desired outfit. And for adults, of course, having amazing recommendations from others can spur you in the right direction of choosing one that would be great for you to make an appearance that day.



Be the difference this Halloween. Choose a unicorn-theme and show all it represents to those you come across!

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