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5 Unicorn-Inspired Wall Designs For Kids Room

A room is literally nothing without walls. Walls help demarcate sections of our homes and buildings. They also help in ensuring that certain areas of our homes are private on occasions we need them to be. Every wall has a secret within it. Every word spoken has always been kept within by walls. Best not to leave our walls bare as giving them a good design can make a room feel more comfortable to chat in and also give it a warm and inviting look. If you are considering getting wall designs for your kid’s room, let me share with you 5 of the best wall design for kids room that are actually unicorn-inspired.


Why Our Walls Need Designs?

Our wall space means different things to us individually. The design we place on our wall will always go a long way to tell others of our perspective about life and the world, as well as our preferences. Wall designs are essential in giving our homes and offices an eccentric look. They bring out our character and personality before we ever have a chance to express them. The design you have on your wall can be equated to what influences you or inspires you the most.

While there are various reasons we might prefer a particular wall design from another, our temperament will always go a long way in determining what we best prefer to be placed as designs on our wall.

Types Of Wall Designs

The type of wall designs one can have range from artwork to wallpapers and tapestries down to paints and all of it sorts. But in some cases, the material the wall is made up of will determine the kind of design that should go on it. Some examples of common wall designs and decor for rooms include:

  • Wall mural and paintings
  • Lighting (bulbs and wall lamps)
  • Wallpaper
  • Creative painting
  • Traditional wall art
  • Modern wall art
  • Etc.

Wall designs have a way of giving rooms the eccentricity that you can only imagine. They add colour, flavour, and splendour when used correctly. Surely they are not to be overlooked.

The Benefits Of Having Wall Designs

Having a plane wall without any form of art or design is becoming a rare sight to behold these days. From hanging portraits to wall clocks to wallpapers and to even creative paint designs; your wall should always remind you of something anytime you look at it. Here are some benefits of having wall designs in your room:

  1. They give the home a refining look and appearance. Having your wall designed will help give your visitors a relaxing atmosphere in your home.
  2. Walls speak about our personality and lifestyle. A well-designed wall will always tell guests most of the things they need to know about us before even getting the chance to do the honours ourselves.
  3. A well-designed wall carries a presence of peace and tranquillity with it. It helps you reach deep into your thoughts by just staring at it.
  4. Guests are sure to feel more at home when your wall themes are welcoming.
  5. Except you desire a fresh look, wall designs are sure to last for as long as you want them to.

The benefits of wall designs are truly endless. Trust me, your home will be more beautiful because your wall is.


Things To Look Out For When Choosing Wall Designs For Room

Your wall designs are probably the first thing that meets the eye of anyone coming to the room for the first time, so it’s important that it creates a good first impression. If you want to get the best out of your wall design, here are some things to look out for:

  1. It has to reflect your passion for whatever you are passionate about.
  2. A good wall design should be the first thing that entertains a visitor before you offer them tea or coffee. It should keep their minds busy with its highlighting features.
  3. Wall designs should be a match-up of some sorts to some of the decors already in place in the house. It doesn’t have to be elaborately different.
  4. The design should be a source of inspiration to you and everyone that sets their eyes on it. It should always remind you of where you are headed.
  5. The material of the wall in question should be considered. Wall designs can be selective when placements are required.
  6. It should be able to tell a lot about you in almost an instant.
Best Type Of Wall Design To Have

It goes without saying that the best wall design to have in a room is a creative design that represents something that speaks a lot. It could be an animal, a symbol or even a sign. But the best among them is having an animal. Why? Animals represent a lot. They have traits humans can relate with and you can always look upon them and tap into the characteristics that make them unique.

Now, the best animal with fascinating representations I can recommend for you is the unicorn. The unicorn represents a lot of things. There is really no animal that can match the versatility of the unicorn. It has the strength of a lion, the bravery of a horse, the aspiration of an eagle, the beauty of a peacock, and many other special attributes you might find in unique animals.

Unicorns also possess magic. For the younger generation whose mind can flow easily in the direction of magic, having a unicorn-inspired wall design will help sharpen their minds for more imaginative thoughts. It will teach them confidence, standing tall and most importantly, cultivating the habit of staying divine.

Why should you have a unicorn-inspired wall design in your child’s room?

You see a unicorn is actually a good fit for any wall, regardless of the environment. It reminds us of some attributes about our human nature in terms of its beauty and strength and also helps to inspire us when we need it the most. Below are more reasons to consider a unicorn-inspired wall design for your child’s room:

  1. The versatility of the unicorn reminds you of how versatile we can be. We don’t have to limit our possibilities or opportunities. There is always more, and your wall should be able to remind you of that.
  2. Magic has no limits! The horn of a unicorn is known to have healing and magical properties. Having one up your wall is definitely one of the best decisions you will make.
  3. Unicorns were also known for their beauty and purity. Any wall would be honoured to be beautified by the legendary unicorn. The walls actually seek the unicorn’s attention, but you don’t just hear it.
  4. People in the room will be more relaxed due to the calmness the unicorn brings with it. Nothing goes wrong when a unicorn is involved.
  5. Having a unicorn-inspired wall design in a kid’s room will have him/her growing up and reminded constantly of the endless possibilities they can achieve. A mind growing in the presence of a unicorn’s image is a mind that can’t be ignored.

With all these in mind and having been convinced about choosing a unicorn-inspired wall design for your kid’s room, let me show you the best 5 I took my time to pick out which you and your kids will definitely love.

Best 5 Unicorn-Inspired Wall Designs For Your Kid’s Room

Unicorns are amazing, and having them up a wall will definitely prove likewise. Below are 5 beautiful unicorn-inspired wall designs that would help light up any room it decorates. They are beautiful, welcoming, and above all, they have the unicorn presence we all desire in our lives:

1. Sparkling Glitter Unicorn Head and Flower Pink Unicorn Wall Tapestry:

This unicorn tapestry from ROMEOOERA is a perfect way of exuding happiness to everyone that enters the room it occupies. It has a very radiant and beautiful appearance which makes it an excellent choice in terms of wall designs. And there is more! It can also double as a bed cover or as a table cloth! How cool is that?! The versatility of this cute unicorn tapestry makes it all the more appealing.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

The material used in making the ROMEOOERA unicorn tapestry is made of an eco-friendly, micro-fibre peach. It is neither thick nor thin and has a perfect feel to it. It is perfect for every kind of wall. Even when you use it as a bed cover, it can be great on the skin without causing any allergies.

  • Material Design

The edges are neatly sewn and the quality in its print is unique. The 3D imagery gives the unicorn horn a realistic look and feel. It is an excellent piece of art that would light up every corner of your room in its awesomeness.

  • Versatility

As stated earlier, it can also be used as bed covers, porch hangings, or table clothing. But I suggest you place it on a platform where it can be visually appealing such as the wall since that’s the place people tend to look at more when they come inside a room.

  • Maintainance

It is also easy to maintain. It can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water. The detergent should be mild and it is best not to use any form of bleach as this may distort its appearance. Also, avoid ironing to increase its lifespan. The material will strengthen itself once it is hanged to dry.

  • Size Range

The sizes available are 51.2″ x 59.1″ (130cm x 150cm)
59.1″ x 59.1″ (150cm x 150cm)
59.1″ x 82.7″ (150cm x 210cm)
70.9″ x 92.5″ (180cm x 235cm)

Do ensure to take the measurement of your wall, and pick the dimension closest to the measurement of your wall so as to have a perfect fit. This is definitely something your kids will love.

The unicorn tapestry is a standard to look up to when it comes to giving your kids wall a unique design. It is sure to inspire your day by taking a single glance at its mastery and perfection. You are closer to a unicorn with this in your room. Want to get this for your child? Click this link to see the price and make your order from Amazon.

2. Unicorn Wall Sticker Decor With Heart Flower:

It is amazing to have a unicorn grace the comfort of your kid’s room, but it’s rather glorious and heavenly when it comes with a mix of the love symbol. This wall decor from Neasyth is sure to create a unique consciousness of peace, love, and tranquillity in your child.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

The Neasyth unicorn wall decor is made up of a very high-quality PVC material. It is very safe to use due to its non-toxic nature and is environmentally safe as well, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to recycling, not that you will have any reason to recycle anyways. It will last for as long as you need it to.

  • Lovely Design

It has a watercolour style design printed with a cute gold, green, and pink heart shape styles, a very big, bold, and beautiful unicorn head with flowers. Your child’s room is likely to have angels dance around due to its heavenly lure.

  • Easy To Install

It is very easy to peel and stick on the required surface. Simply install the heart patterns and unicorns on the wall based on your own style and taste, and you are ready to go.

  • Versatility On Surfaces

It can be installed on any surface as long as it is smooth, clean, and dry. It can also be installed on doors, windows, closets, etc.

  • Packaging And Size

It comes in 1 sheet. The sheet size has a dimension of 14.1″ x 23.6″ (36cm x 60cm). It also has a weight of 1.76 ounces.

If you want to give your child’s room that heavenly and magical look, try this on their wall and they will totally appreciate you. They would really be amazed, to say the least. Click on this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can get this for your kid’s room and bring their fantasies to life.

3. Unicorn Ready-to-Hang Canvas Wall Art:

This unicorn wall design is a lovely art frame for a girl’s bedroom or nursery. The art is captured to perfection and the golden horn symbolizes the magical characteristics associated with the unicorn. It is indeed a pricey possession to acquire.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

The unicorn art canvas is made up of polyester which makes it easy to wipe if need be, and it is also a water repellant one. The eco-ink used in this is odourless and non-toxic. Having a super HD printing makes the unicorn come alive in a special and unique way when looking at it.

  • No need for special framing

There will be no need to purchase separate frames as it comes already stretched on a stretcher frame. It can be hanged immediately after purchase.

  • Lovely Appearance

Every aspect of this art piece is designed to perfection. It wouldn’t only beautify your child’s room but will also give her the feel of a princess that she already is.

  • Packaging And Size

It comes with 3 pieces of the unicorn art and has a size of 16.7 x 13.6 x 2. 9 inches. It has a weight of 2.73 pounds, so you can be sure it won’t weigh heavily on your wall.

This beautiful work of art will be a lovely piece in any child’s room. It can also be used in adult rooms and offices as well. Remember, there are no age groups when it comes to the influence of the unicorn. Hit this link to get this and bask in the glory of having a unicorn in the house.

4. Removable Unicorn Wall Stickers Decor:

Another creation from Neasyth is this 66 pieces of unicorn wall decor. This decor would fit perfectly in any room that requires a unicorn touch to it. It is excellent for girl’s or boy’s rooms, nurseries or even other rooms.


Product Description
  • Material quality

The materials used in developing these stickers are made up of high-quality PVC materials that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe to use. It is also wrapped in foam coating to ensure that there are no lines or creases when attached to the wall.

  • Exquisite design and appearance

The Neasyth wall stickers are definitely a beauty to behold. They come in several shapes such as the star diamond representing the star of your child, rainbow shaped patterns which the beauty of your child carries, the heart symbol which describes the ever loving nature of children, and two large beautiful unicorn heads and flowers to make your child feel confident and pretty always.

  • Easy to fix and maintain

The materials used are waterproof, so you can worry less about it being soaked. They are easy to stick and remove and can be transferred to another smooth, dry, and clean surface without it losing its glue.  It can be applied on any smooth, dry, and clean surface with ease.

This wall decor will sure give your kid’s room a total revamp in terms of appearance and hospitality. It is special in every sense and you can make your kid feel extra special by clicking this link to get one for them.

5. Colourful Fantasy Unicorn Wall Hanging Tapestry:

This colourful unicorn tapestry from JAWO depicts the image of a fiery unicorn while maintaining its grace, magic, and splendour. This wall decor is ideal for any room and can also be used as a bed or table cover and beach or picnic blanket.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

The JAWO unicorn tapestry material is made up of soft polyester fibre. It is very durable and long-lasting. Your child would love everything about it.

  • Unique Design

Its HD pattern printing is extremely colourful and beautiful. It’s the perfect wall design for your kid’s room as it doesn’t fade.

  • Versatility

As stated earlier on, it can be used as not just a wall tapestry but also as a curtain, table cloth, picnic mats, and any other function you deem fit. It brings the unicorn to anywhere you want.

  • Size and packaging

There are four sizes to choose from:
90 x 70 inches
80 x 60 inches
60 x 40 inches
71 x 60 inches
Ensure the size you choose fits your wall perfectly before placing your order. The packaging comes with 1 tapestry and 8 nails. It also has a weight of 5.6 ounces.

  • Care and maintenance

It can be washed using hands or a machine, under the gentle cycle. Please do not use bleach on the material, a regular detergent will be enough to get any dirt out. It can also be ironed to give it an extra glittering look.

The JAWO unicorn tapestry will sure ignite your child’s room and even the heart of whoever owns it. Click this link to get one for your kid’s room or even yourself.



All the unicorn-inspired wall designs mentioned in this article will be a perfect fit in any kid’s room they occupy. They carry the extra touch that only a unicorn can deliver, and will also serve as a good source of motivation. They are also perfect for gifts regardless of the occasion. With these, you can light up your homes and the heart of whoever sees it!

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