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How Many Horns Does a Unicorn Have? [The Answer +10 Fun Unicorn Horn Facts]

Did you know that the number of horns on a unicorn has been a matter of debate for centuries? Some say that a unicorn has one horn, while others claim that it has two. So, how many horns does a unicorn have?

The answer, according to most experts and which we commonly see, is one. However, there are a few unicorn enthusiasts who believe that a unicorn has two horns.

What Is a Unicorn Horn?

Unicorn horns are said to be long, spiral horns resting on their forehead. Their horns have magical properties, they are often used in potions and elixirs, and are believed to have the power to heal the sick and wounded.

How many horns does a unicorn have?

From stories to legends to artworks, we have all seen and known the unicorn to have one horn.

What does a Unicorn horn look like?

The average Unicorn horn is about two feet long and spirals upward. They can be any colour but are most commonly seen as white, silver, or gold.

Can unicorns have 2 horns?

Some people say that unicorns can have two horns, but we all know that they only have one. Some have argued that the single horn on its head is two slim horns rolled as one in form of a spiral. Whatever they explain, we can still only visibly see one horn.

Do female unicorns have horns?

Yes, female unicorns have horns. All unicorns have horns including the newest borns.

What is the connection between a Unicorn and Its horn?

A unicorn is almost nothing without its horns and that is why they can hardly survive once their horns are cut off from their heads by hunters. The Unicorn horn has been seen as a symbol of power and purity for centuries. In ancient times, the horn was believed to have magical properties that could heal the sick, purify water and protect the wearer from evil. Unicorns used this to perform all the healing and protecting and had a very strong connection to the horns.

Fun facts about the Unicorn’s horn

Regardless of the number of horns, there is no denying that unicorns are fascinating creatures. Here are 10 fun facts about unicorn horns that will interest you:

  1. Unicorn horns are made of keratin, the same protein that makes up human hair and fingernails.
  2. In medieval times, people believed that unicorn horns could purify water.
  3. Some people believe that unicorn horns can be used to make a person more beautiful.
  4. Unicorn horns are said to have magical properties. They are often used in potions and elixirs and are believed to have the power to cure diseases and various ailments.
  5. In the Middle Ages, unicorn horns were highly prized and were often used as drinking cups.
  6. Unicorn horns are also believed to be a powerful protection against poison.
  7. The horns of a unicorn are said to be sharp enough to pierce through hard things.
  8. Unicorns are often associated with purity, innocence, and magic, especially because of their horn.
  9. In China, the horns of unicorns are sometimes used as an ingredient in traditional medicines.
  10. Unicorns are said to be able to heal the sick and wounded with their horns.


In conclusion, Unicorns, the horse-like creatures with magical powers, have been seen throughout history, appearing in art, literature, and myths with only one horn. But we can allow those who believe other legends of unicorn with two horns to enjoy their own fantasy.