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Is the Unicorn a Land, Sea or Air Animal?

We must have seen different pictures of the unicorn going around on the internet or TV. If you notice, you will find out that there is a different graphical representation of the unicorn and for this reason, there is general confusion among some people as to whether the unicorn is a land, sea or air animal. Well, not to worry as in this post, I will be answering the question which type of animal is the unicorn?  I will also be letting you know some important things to have in mind about the unicorn.


What Type Of Animal Is The Unicorn?

Simply put, the unicorn is a land animal. Yes, there are different pictures showing the unicorn flying and even some rare ones showing it underwater. Either way, the actual animal we all know as a unicorn is a land animal.

Which Type Of Unicorn Is Found In The Sea And Air?

For the ‘type’ of unicorn you see flying, those ones are called Pegasus. The Pegasus share similar looks with the unicorn except for the wings which set them apart. As for the rare ‘type’ of unicorn found underwater, those ones are argued to be a symbol of the Capricorn zodiac sign. Some people argue that the Capricorn zodiac sign is represented with a half unicorn and half fish and that’s why we see rare pictures of a unicorn in the sea.

The Different Habitations Of Animals

Animals that live on land are known as terrestrial animals. They have well-built respiratory organs and they are adapted to live on land. Nearest to this class of animals is the amphibian animals that are adapted to live both on land and in the sea.

Those that live in the sea are known as aquatic animals because they live in water. Like many animals, there are also other aquatics that have gone extinct like the great leviathan, a mighty fish that is equally as controversial as the unicorn.

Animals of the air are animals that fly as a means of moving from one place to another. For them, flying is essential to living as they do that to escape predators, search for food or migrate from place to place.

Understanding The Animal World

Some evolutionary biologists hold that all life originated from the sea. Even man is not spared as before birth we live in a container of water and survive like the fish. It follows also that all life emanated from the sea.

Those who adopt this view argue that for most animals that exist on land, there is a related kind of animal living in the sea. That is why it is possible that an animal may have gone extinct on land but still has it’s kind living in the sea.

There are water lips, catfish, water tigers and even sharks that are said to share a common ancestry with men. It may have something to do with the relationship between Jonah and the shark that swallowed him in biblical legend. Away from myths, there is a deep biological connection between animals that live in the sea and those that live on land.

This implies that by examining the features and stories that surround the unicorn, we can easily determine if it lived as a land, air or sea animal.


So, is the unicorn a land, sea or air animal? Although it has some divine powers, the unicorn is primarily known to be a land animal.

Unicorn As A Land Animal

Most movies that picture the unicorn often portray it as a white horse that has the symbolic powerful horn at the centre of its head. Although it is pictured as a beast with great physical power, it is often depicted in movies as some supernatural beast and a symbol of cosmic power.

It is used not only as a horse but as an animal that looks very much like a goat too. Greater emphasis is placed on its horns which unify all myths and legends about it. From all this depiction, the unicorn must be a land animal.

It is also depicted in pictures as an animal with four legs. Legends and stories about the unicorn make no reference about it living in water so it has to be a land animal. The hooves will enable the animal to walk and hunt for food on land which it probably uses to satisfy itself.

It probably also lived as a herbivore animal like the elephant using its powerful horns to fell trees and feed. Like it is with many other unique animals like pangolin whose body parts are being hunted into extinction because of the value of their skin, the unicorn’s horn has been of great financial value to hunters before it went extinct.

Unicorn As A Sea Animal?

Like most people argued, the unicorn represents the Capricorn which is a zodiac sign of a half-animal with a fishtail. People say that the half-animal is the body of a unicorn and so since it lives in the sea, it invariably means that the unicorn is a sea animal. But sorry to burst their bubbles, our beloved unicorn is NOT a sea animal. It proudly walks on land and meets fair maidens right on the land while also spreading its magic everywhere it can on land.


Unicorn, An Animal Of The Air?

This argument of the unicorn being an animal of the air has more backup than the claim of the sea. Why? Because there have been stories, legends, myths, images and movies of a flying horse which looks everything like a unicorn but with its own horn and wings. Some people argue that the Pegasus has horns too and so it is fair if people confuse it to be the unicorn. But unfortunately, the Pegasus which is a flying horse is in no way the same thing as the unicorn.

You can read more about the myth of the Pegasus in an interesting Olympus book by clicking this link to get the collection of the book about the story of the Pegasus and Olympus where the animal is said to have started out from as the offspring of Poseidon.

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Based on all its assumed physical features, the unicorn is a land animal that existed many centuries ago and has gone extinct. Its significance is still very much appreciated both in the world of makeup and mysticism. That is why it is still very relevant today.

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