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Is The Unicorn An Astrology Zodiac Sign?

The unicorn is a symbol of strength and power. It has been attributed to great meaning in many cultures. What is of common knowledge is that the unicorn is a fun animal that people can relate themselves to. It also has a deep spiritual significance and is known to be magical by many. But is the unicorn a zodiac sign? Let’s find out the answer and more in this post now, shall we?


Is The Unicorn A Zodiac Sign?

In all honesty, the unicorn is not a zodiac sign. Many have argued, and are still arguing that the Capricorn has a symbol of the unicorn. But no, they are not really the same. While the Capricorn sign has amazing traits, it doesn’t really symbolize the unicorn in any way.

What Are Zodiac Signs?

Zodiac signs are belt-shaped regions in the heavens that are on either side of the ecliptic and which are paths of the sun, moon, and principal planets. This contains twelve constellations or signs that are used for astrological purposes.

The zodiac sign is of pure Indian, Chinese or ancient Egyptian mythology and it helped them to understand the heavenly bodies and how they influence human lives. This has greatly helped people understand themselves and others too.

Zodiac Signs Division

There are about twelve signs in the zodiac that people believe to control the world and all its happenings. They are Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Gemini. As much as astrology is an ancient idea, it is still very popular today. Even adherents of other religions are captivated by this ancient art of star-gazing/ People believe that by gazing into the skies we can learn how the heavenly bodies influence human fate and destiny.

Each of the zodiac signs represents some fascinating object embodying their characters and fate. Some symbols stand for fire, archer among others but one of the zodiac signs has a representation of the unicorn as the symbol of its zodiac. This sign is the Capricorn which has been argued by many to be a symbol of the unicorn.

Capricorn and the Unicorn

In the Zodiac sign, Capricorn stands for a goat with a fishtail but it is also argued to be symbolized by the unicorn which has a single strong horn. The unicorn’s horn is used to show how Capricorn can rise and ascend thus making spiritual progress. They are also able to take caution and tap into their strength as symbolized by the horn of the unicorn which shows how though having the tail of a fish they can be raised to enviable spiritual heights.


The unicorn is a symbol of spiritual strength which holds all other aspects together. People that are born within the period of December 21 to January 19 are considered to be under the Capricorn zodiac sign. And coincidentally, some traits these Capricorn people possess are quite the same with the personality of the unicorn as we all know. The character and tendencies of the sign say a lot about the unicorn but it really is not the same as the unicorn.

Are There Any Rare Zodiac Signs? Is The Unicorn One Of Them?

Yes, there is a rare zodiac sign called Ophiuchus. It has been used in a part of astrology as a thirteenth zodiac sign. It is said to be situated behind the sun from November 29 to December 18. Also, Cetus has been suggested to be a zodiac sign but none have been officially added to the list of zodiac sign divisions. As for the unicorn, sadly it has not been termed to be a zodiac sign.

But what would happen if the unicorn is a zodiac sign?

If there turn out to be a unicorn zodiac sign, a lot of people would want to be associated with them because of the amazing traits they possess. The good news is, some people have actually been associating themselves with a ‘unicorn sign’ especially if they possess some traits the unicorn has.

Since it is a free world, you too can choose to be under the unicorn sign. You just need to know the personality of a unicorn and if you find yourself exhibiting same, you can start telling people you are born under the unicorn sign. Of course, no one would question you as to why you chose that. It’s called your choice for a reason you know.

So, what are the traits/characteristics of the unicorn?

If you want to choose the unicorn as your Primal Zodiac sign, that is splendid. Just have it in mind that the traits of the Unicorn includes been outgoing, generous, energetic, smart, and unique. Others include:

  • They never lack ideas and are always on the move.
  • When they get focused on something, there is almost nothing that can stop them from getting there. But they tend to give up when they are not seeing results.
  • Their seemingly endless energy can be infectious and they can use it to change the world.
  • They exhibit real strength, courage and pride which never brings them down.
  • Surely they can make great friends as long as you don’t expect too much as they don’t expect too much from you too.
  • They are always passionate about any challenge they take on.
  • May be different from the rest, but they have good intentions no doubt.
  • The greatest strength is having the capacity to venture far beyond others to reach places that others would find impossible.
  • For love, they tend to fall fast and fall hard. Love, at first sight, is common for them and when it happens, they stay loyal.
  • They are kind-hearted and always have advice to give, which is usually thoughtful and relevant.
  • You can’t get them at will but if you are able to tame them, you have their devotion and all.


And also, just like every other zodiac sign, the unpleasant traits include been self-centred, attention-starved, restless, and excessively eccentric. Others include:

  • They end up finding their true life partner later in life than others.
  • They take up challenges quite often and all right but they are quick to give up once they don’t see the end result coming fast enough.
  • It is quite easy for them to just lose focus on one project and would prefer to spend their time and talent on something else.
  • At their worst, they can become self-obsessed and spin their wheels in all the wrong directions people won’t like.

So, with all the above traits of the unicorn in mind, does it sound like you? If yes, well, by all means, take up the ‘unicorn sign’ and make it yours. If no, you can still pick up a few traits you can easily relate with and make them yours. Best to stick to the positive ones for obvious reasons, lol. Or maybe you do not like the zodiac sign you are born under or the traits there are nothing like you, then you are most welcome to join into the circle of people enjoying the idea of having the unicorn as their zodiac sign.

Whichever reason why you are choosing the unicorn sign, don’t forget to grab a confident shirt to share your declaration with the world.



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Astrologers are able to predict on a daily basis how zodiac signs will influence the lives of those that are born within the zodiac period. Everyone falls under a zodiac sign and honestly, it has helped people understand themselves. It has helped them understand their compatibility. And it has even helped people to plan their future.

Though the unicorn is not a zodiac sign, it is totally fine if anyone chooses to be associated with it. It represents a lot of positive things and it is normal when people decide they want to be associated with it.


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