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Is The Unicorn Biblical? Is It A Thing Among Christians?

When reading the Bible, you are sure to see a lot of animals mentioned and talked about in different places. Some of them were called by their original names, others were just described. Today, we have been hearing a lot about the Unicorn been mentioned in the Bible. Some Christians agree it was called the original name, some say it was only described as such, others say it was never mentioned at all. Well, if you have always wondered about which theory to believe, look no further. In this post, I will be letting you in on whether the unicorn is Biblical or not, if it was actually mentioned in the Bible or not, and also proofs that will give you the peace of mind you so richly deserve on this topic.


Do Christians Believe The Unicorns Ever Existed?

The thing is, Christians have always been divided over the existence of the unicorn and as such, we can’t conclude that 100% of Christians believe the unicorns ever existed. Some believe it to be diabolical due to its magical properties and never existed as God did not create any animal with magic. This theory is common because a good number of Christians do not believe in magic but miracle. Others feel there is a spiritual angle unicorns hold in the religion and have existed whether magical or not.

Some Christian parents believe that it never existed and is only a figment of our imagination. They go as far as stopping their little ones from getting involved in anything that has to do with it. Some agree that it existed but as an evil beast. This category of parents are not comfortable with their kids playing with toys or artefacts bearing the picture of the unicorn as they feel it is a beast that shouldn’t be reckoned with.

But with all these division and theories, the fact still remains that the unicorn once existed whether in the form we know it or something different. And in fact, parents need to realize that the strength they desire for their child or children will only come about if they recognise it in something they can easily relate with, and no better example comes to mind than the unicorn. The unicorn, not only serves as a perfect example to depict strength, purity and beauty to children but to adults as well.

Are Unicorns Biblical?

When we talk about something being Biblical, we mean something contained in the Bible. An animal that depicts the strength of God, a God that the Bible is all about can only be Biblical, and in this regard, the unicorn ticks all the available boxes. There are other animals that are used as metaphors when describing either the strength, presence, speed and might of God such as the Eagle, the dove, horses, just to name a few. But none of these animals depicts the strength in the way the unicorn is being used in the Bible.

Here are some examples from the Bible where the unicorn is used to characterise the strength and might of God almighty:

  • Numbers  23:22  “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn”: Here, the strength of God is likened to that of a unicorn in rescuing Israel from Egypt. To this day, the nation of Israel still celebrates the Passover feast in commemoration to the day they left Egypt. For the unicorn to be used to symbolise the strength in accomplishing such a feat, it shows the importance of the unicorn and how valuable it was and still is to the children of God.
  • Psalms  92:10  “But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of a unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil”: Here, the writer which is David likens the authority He hoped to receive, to the horn of the unicorn. This is proof that symbolises the importance the horn of the unicorn carried back in the day, and the authority that came with it. There is a myth that the horn of a unicorn could render a poison, no matter how potent, harmless, if one drank the poison from a unicorn’s horn. This passage from the Bible suggests it could actually have been true.
  • Psalms  29:6 “He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn”: Here, the writer talks about the speed of the unicorn. Considering the size of the unicorn discovered recently (the Siberian unicorn) the speed described here wouldn’t have been ascribed to it. Another proof to show that there were other breeds of the unicorn that existed or evolved into, or from what we all know.
  • Job  39:9  “Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?”: This also shows the authority the unicorn ensues. It was not an animal to be tamed or enslaved irrespective of who was involved. It didn’t bow down to authority as it was an authority in its own right. Legend also has it that it could only be captured by a virgin, the scripture above proves this to be true to some extent. Such a wonder to marvel at if you ask me.
  • Isaiah 34:7 “And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness”: Here the writer, Isaiah, gathers the people around to show them just how God intends to punish His enemies and rescue His chosen people, Zion. This statement points out just how the enemies will fall down after they have tasted the wrath of God. Just like the unicorns when they have been caught and pulled down by the hunters of old, that will be the same way the enemies will fall.


If you are wondering which version of the Bible you can find these statements, you can see them in The King James Bible. Don’t forget that this particular version is a very accurate translation and also one of the earliest ones to be translated and spread wide.

About The Existence Of The Unicorn

So, let’s take it from the top. The existence of the unicorn has drummed up so much debate that one begins to wonder if it is really worth the hype it has gathered over the years. Despite all the arguments, it still shows up in our homes on lovely artefacts, accessories, books, other prints and even on TV; reminding us of the virtues and character we can emulate. This is probably one of the creatures that transcend beyond time.

According to modern-day findings, unicorns did exist thanks to a fossil that was found in Kazakhstan that proved that not only did they exist, but also existed 29000 years ago compared to the 350000 years it was said to have gone into extinction. Although there seems to be a little problem with this discovery. The fossil of the unicorn found is said to be that of the ‘Siberian unicorn‘, and in all honesty, it looks nothing like the fine creature we have come to know today.

This breed discovered was fatter and had more fur during its existence compared to the ‘horse-like’ unicorn we have all come to know. But that is the least of anyone’s worry since we all know that animals evolve with time and there is also a fat chance that there were probably other breeds of unicorns that existed alongside the Siberian unicorn. We have different breeds of animals in the animal kingdom as we see today, so the unicorn wouldn’t have been different.

How Long Did Unicorns Exist For?

To simply answer the question of how long it existed, unicorns existed right from the beginning of time until 29000 years ago. To trace the origin of unicorns, you would have to go back to the time of creation (if you believe in creation and not evolution). This is actually where everything as it is started from.

Then if we are to go with what we have, then the ancient drawings found in seals have drawings of the unicorn on them. The seals that go way back to the bronze age civilization which is also known as the Indus Valley civilization, dated back to 3300BC-1300BC. From this point up until when we thought that the unicorns went extinct for about 350000 years ago until the fossil was discovered and that changed that theory. The beginning of its existence can only be ascertained based on your belief, while it’s extinction can be dated as far back as 29000 years ago.


Were There Other Breeds Of Unicorns?

Apart from the Siberian unicorn whose fossils were found, and the European unicorn which looks like a horse with a single horn on its forehead (based on ancient drawings), there has been little scientific proof to categorically state how many breeds or species existed.

Although looking closely at what we have today, there are animals that look like the unicorns of old, or as described in Greek mythology. Some of these animals include

  • Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)
  • Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)
  • Narwhal (monodon Monoceros)
  • Unicornfish
  • Texas unicorn mantis
  • The okapi
  • Goblin spiders
  • Helmeted curassows
  • Unicorn shrimp
  • The Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx)

Of all the relatives of the unicorn mentioned above, the Arabian oryx is the closest to the actual unicorn as we have come to know it. Although they have two horns, the properties of their horn which is said to be medicinal have made them hunted down to almost extinction, until they were brought back to existence through a successful captivating breeding programme in the 1970s.

How Long Has The Bible Been In Existence?

If you are wondering why this question in the first place, remember we want to find out if the as unicorn was ever mentioned in the Bible and when if it was. By knowing how long the Bible has existed, we can tell if it falls into place correctly to buttress the point that the unicorns existed. By answering this question, we can then agree if it’s Biblical or not.

So back to the question, the Bible is a book made up of different books. It consists of songs, stories, letters, poetry, history and literature. The Bible is also divided into two parts or sections – the old and the new testament. The sections of the old testament were written at different times between the year 1200 and 165BC. The sections of the new testament were written between 50 and 100 AD. From this, we can now see that truly, there’s a great chance that the unicorn was recorded in the Bible based on these dates of its writing.

Can the Bible be trusted?

Of course, that is a resounding yes. The Bible can be trusted for many reasons. Apart from the Bible always been the highest-selling book in history by selling over 3.9 billion copies and still counting, the Bible has been a standard guide for Christians all over the world from time immemorial. If it cannot be trusted, it would have been disregarded long ago.

Yes, there are some stories found in the Bible that have stirred lots of controversies and conspiracy theories, but in spite of all these and many more, the truths found in the Bible have stood the test of time and critics alike. For as long as we can remember, the Bible still remains valuable to mankind. It has proven time and time again to have the answer to questions that have lingered in many minds. Here are some more reasons why the Bible should actually be trusted:

  • There are no hidden motives from the authors. Even at the point of death, the authors of the new testament (disciples of Jesus Christ) were resolute in their testimony which has been the bedrock of Christianity to this day.
  • Most of the places and sites mentioned in the Bible still exist until this day. Archaeologists have uncovered various truths as stated in the bible. Recently, they discovered the name “Jerusalem” inscribed on a pillar dating to about 3000 years ago in Israel. A proof that the name – Jerusalem – as used severally in the bible wasn’t made up.
  • The Bible is complete beyond all ramifications. It explains everything mankind has experienced, is experiencing, and will still experience. Prophecies, as told by the prophets several years ago, have all come to pass and are still coming to fulfilment.

In fact, the impact of the Bible on mankind cannot be stated in one article. The ripple effect experienced since its inception is one that cannot be exhausted. The point is, from all the above leading to this, we can agree that the Bible is a trusted source to tell us whether there was ever a unicorn or not.



Unicorns are everywhere today. We see them in drawings and art forms, but the most important places we should notice them are in the strength we portray, the purity we pride ourselves on, the authority we command and the magic we see in things around us. Unicorns might have been extinct in the wild for a very long time, but in all honesty, they never left.

We see their attributes every day, when we wake up in the morning, down to when we sleep at night. we see them in each and every one of us striving for a greater and more inhabitable earth. They are everywhere we look. We only have to look at ourselves to agree, and the Bible couldn’t be more correct in this regard.

Just in case you were having doubts about the existence of the unicorns and if it’s Biblical or not, I hope you have your answers now. You best believe these wonderful creature called the unicorn once existed and is actually Biblical.

What do you think? Do you believe in unicorns?


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