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39 Unicorn Fun Facts You Should Know

The Unicorn has fascinated both the young and old from generation to generation. Mystical, magical powers have always been ascribed to the Unicorn and they just have this lovable personality and features that stand them apart. We are just thrilled by the magical wonders they possess. and of course, the Unicorn has some amazing fun facts that are worthwhile for you to know. And sure, I will be sharing 39 of the unicorn fun facts you will love about them.

What Are Unicorns?

Unicorns are our very own beloved and magical creature. They are simply horse-like animals with a pointy, spiraling horn right on top of their forehead. With magic inside, healing in their touch, the confidence of a lion and the spreading of love wherever they go; they have succeeded in capturing the hearts of many. From the young to even adults, people who just come across the unicorn in movies, images, architects or even illustrations, can’t help but try to relate themselves to it. And surely there are many obvious reasons why.

Some Amazing Fun Facts About The Unicorn

We all love ourselves a good unicorn fantasy. Even though debates still fly around questioning the existence of the unicorns, whether they ever walked the earth. Even with all that going on, a lot of people still love this creature for many reasons. They stand for purity, bravery, confidence, love, loyalty, and best of all, magic. Here are some fun facts about the unicorn that would interest you and even male you love it even more if you haven’t:

The horn:

  1. It is believed that the unicorn’s horn at its height was literally worth 10 times its weight in gold.
  2. In 1560, German merchants sold a unicorn’s horn for an astronomical 90,000 scudi (which is about £18,000 back then) to the pope. Also, pharmacies in London sold powdered unicorn horn as late as 1741.
  3. The Unicorn’s horn has the ability to attract energy from the sun to sustain it whenever there is no food to eat. Besides, they eat grass and hay sometimes.
  4. The horns of Unicorn were used in pharmacies in the U.K. back in the 1700s. We may not know 100% what they cured, but we’re suspecting the ailments, as well as their remedy, was quite spectacular.
  5. Unicorns have been described as having two horns. According to the Korean Central News Agency’s report, they referred to the mythical kirin (or qilin), sometimes called a Chinese unicorn, though the kirin is often depicted with two horns.
  6. The supernatural magical horn of the Unicorn is known as ‘Alicorn’.
  7. The Alicorn which is the name of the horn of Unicorn is also the name of a horse with flying wings and one horn.
  8. There was a high demand for Unicorn horns in the olden days. History states that the unicorn horn trade starts during the Middle Ages, likely thanks to Vikings and other Northern traders selling narwhal horns.
  9. There is a popular belief that the horn of the Unicorn has supernatural powers of healing. Some even believed that ingesting powdered horn or stirring a soon-to-be consumed liquid with a unicorn horn worked as an antidote to poisoning.
  10. Queen Elizabeth I received a unicorn horn as a gift from the explorer Martin Frobisher. It became popularly known as “The Horn of Windsor.”
  11. The Unicorn’s horn was used to construct the Throne of Denmark in the late 1600s and other precious thrones of old.
  12. The Unicorn’s horn known as the Alicorn was the most precious and valuable asset that a royal prince could possess.

The uniqueness:

  1. It is believed that the Unicorn was the strongest and fiercest of all wild beasts. According to Saint Isidore, the Unicorn fights with elephants and eliminates them by wounding them in the belly.
  2. Unicorns love water. They are usually associated with a river, fountain or lake. And anytime they are in the river, other animals wait for them to finish before they can start drinking from the same river.
  3. There are always questions of where Unicorns gets its power. The power of the Unicorn is actually derived from its horn.
  4. The Unicorn is associated with virginity or purity.
  5. It is believed that Unicorn could detect lies and it eliminates a lair by piercing it with its horn.

Human encounters:

  1. The first Unicorn was found in 15,000 BC in Lascaux Caves (modern-day France).
  2. There are several works of literature on the existence and magical powers of the Unicorn by different scholars. However, the Greek physician and historian known as Ctesian was the first scholar to produce the first western literature on the Unicorn.
  3. It is believed that a female virgin has the ability to catch a Unicorn easily. According to the famous folklore popularized by Saint Isidore, one could capture a unicorn by luring it out using a female virgin. She could make it tame enough and it would rest its head on her lap making it an easy catch.female-virgin-taming-unicorn
  4. A barber-surgeon known as Ambroise Pare wrote that the horns of Unicorn were used to detect poison in food and drink in the court of King of France.
  5. In the Middle Ages, the Unicorn was used as a symbol for fruitful commerce between people of different races and tongues.

Religious view:

  1. The Unicorn was mentioned in the Holy Bible. King James of the Old Testament has nine references to Unicorns. For example, Numbers 23:22 and 24:8 expresses the strength of a Unicorn.
  2. Many Christians hold unicorns in high esteem. They symbolized love and chastity and were even used as metaphors for Christ. The Unicorn also describes Christian art.
  3. The Invisible Pink Unicorn is used as a diadem for worship. It is the goddess “worshipped” by the Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, a parody religion.

Unicorns in Scotland:

  1. The people of Scotland hold the Unicorn in high esteem because it is the national animal of Scotland.
  2. The Scots have a special day for the Unicorn which is every April 9.
  3. The extreme love for the Unicorn started a long time ago. It is said that Scotland’s King James III issued a number of coins depicting unicorns from 1460-1488.
  4. The April 9 as the Unicorn national day was first celebrated in the United States in 2015 before it was adopted by Scotland.

Their grouping

  1. The Unicorns lived together in a group of four or five that make up a happy family. The oldest in the group is usually the family head and must have lived for hundreds of years.
  2. There was usually great joy when two different families of Unicorn meet. They travel and relate together for a couple of weeks before they go their separate ways.
  3. Flying Unicorns are created and born when a Unicorn and a Pegasus (a flying horse) mate.
  4. It is said that the Unicorn and some species of rhino are the same. For example, the Siberian rhino, sometimes even referred to as the “Siberian unicorn,” was six feet tall, 15 feet long, and weighs around 9,000 pounds. It has a single massive horn and its name was derived from the horn.
  5. The peaceful deep forest was said to be the natural habitat for Unicorns. And they usually lived in the company of themselves without necessarily mingling much with other types of animals.

Their features/personality:

  1. Unicorn does not have a specific colour. It can be any colour from bright red or pure white, black, bright red or shinning gold.
  2. The white coloured Unicorn is said to possess happiness and joy. Anyone who touches a pure white unicorn will find happiness and joy for his entire life.
  3. The eyes of the Unicorn were usually sky blue or purple.
  4. Aside from the Alicorn, other parts of the Unicorn’s body have a huge deposit of medicinal properties.
  5. The Unicorn is believed to be very swift that it is very difficult for hunters to catch it.
  6. Unicorns were described as wild beasts with a single mystical horn.
Want to hear two uncommon unicorn fun facts?
  1. The unicorn actually existed (I did justice to this fact in this post Are Unicorns Myth Or Real? Did They Ever Exist?) And a lot of people like myself do not regret not having it walking the earth with us right now because it will not be an entirely pleasant experience for them (see why I say so here What Would Happen If Unicorns Exist Today?).
  2. People in recent times, long after the unicorns were said to have left the earth, still saw the unicorns on very rare occasions. The last known sighting of the unicorn was in the UK during the supermoon of August 2014. It was briefly seen at the Moreton-in-Marsh Agricultural and Horse show before disappearing into the trees.
Love the unicorn even more?

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Well, from these fun facts you will definitely agree with me that the unicorn is definitely a lot of things. It also represents many positive things, little wonder why many people just love to be associated with it. For some people, even if they can’t portray the personality of the unicorns, they still have, or wear a representation of it and I must say that it is always cute.

What do you think?

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