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The Best Unicorn Bed Canopy To Beautify Your Room

Is your room in need of a bed canopy and you are looking for the best option that will give your room a beautiful look? Or maybe you already have a bed canopy but want to switch to something that will add a magical touch? I have got the best recommendation for you here and I will tell you just why you should make it your first choice.

This particular bed canopy is unique as it can go with any bed size or shape. And best of all, it has got unicorn designs on it. So, if you are a unicorn lover or you just want to feel that magic in your room, I bet you won’t hesitate to pick this when you learn everything about it.

What Is A Bed Canopy?

A bed canopy, also called a mosquito net, is a covering that is placed from the ceiling to fall over our beds. It is usually added to our rooms not just for decorative purpose, but also to effectively block insects (especially mosquitoes), dirt and dust. The bed canopy usually comes in different types, shapes, designs, colours and sizes. Generally, it has a screw at the top which one can use to fasten it to the ceiling. It also has edges that can be tucked under your bed to fit securely. And the body of the net is usually draped down from the ceiling such that it creates a canopy directly over the bed.


Why Do You Need A Bed Canopy?

Some people do wonder what exactly is the point in having a bed canopy. The thing is, we need to protect ourselves from flying insects when we sleep. And we also need to protect our bed from dust and dirt. We can’t always stay under the blankets every season, neither can we put our faces under the blanket to protect ourselves every night. The best thing to use to prevent us from bothering about flying insects or dust is the perfect mosquito net or bed canopy.

Mosquito nets or bed canopy would protect us and our beds effectively by forming a curtain dome. And also serve as an extra decoration. Colourful bed canopies also add drama and romance to any bedroom. It can always transform the room into a beautiful, magical place. Not to mention that if you have kids, it can give your children a bedtime adventure to match their interests.

Why does your room need to always look and feel good?

After a long and stressful day, the most important thing you need after your dinner and bath is a cosy place to lay your tired body. Retiring to a room with a bed canopy can warm your spirit and make you feel good. This is because being able to enclose your bed in additional linens (like the net) can help keep you warm during the winter. And you can still enjoy it to the fullest during summer as well since it’s made from breathable material and is basically a net. This temperature regulation can help make your bed and your bedroom more comfortable every single night and guarantee you a good sleep.

How To Choose The Best Bed Canopy

Now that you are ready to choose a bed canopy, let me walk you through what is involved and what you should look out for when choosing one.  So that you don’t regret any choice you make when it finally arrives.


  • Choose one that can fit an adult bed as well as a child’s bed.
  • You need to consider the height distance between your bed and the ceiling. This will determine the length of the bed canopy you will purchase. You don’t want to go for something that is too long or too short. It will definitely not give you the beautification or protection you are looking for.
  • Pick a mosquito net with a fine structure as it will give you a more elegant look
  • Choose the bed canopy that you can easily maintain.
  • Go for one that can easily blend in with your room’s design.
  • Your best choice should be one that is durable. You really don’t want to change your nets often because they wear out fast.
  • Choose one that is made with eco-friendly and safe material. You want your net to be breathable too as you wouldn’t want to feel suffocated when under it.
  • The bed canopy that is easy to wash would be better considering how big the net is.

The Best Bed Canopy Your Room Needs

Considering the above tips on how you can choose the best bed canopy, I’ve gone ahead to save you the extra stress and gotten you the best option that fits most of the points mentioned above. If you want to give your room, and that of your kid’s the best nighttime adventure, I have got the perfect recommendation for you. It’s this Unicorn Bed Canopy – Mosquito Net Curtains from Lil Lills. It is an amazing mosquito net that doubles well as bedroom décor. It is great for the bed of adults, teens, toddlers and even babies. Not to mention that it is the perfect Unicorn Gift if you have someone that falls in that category. Let me give you more reasons why this is the best choice:


Product Description
  • It is lightweight. Weighing just about 3.2 ounces.
  • The size is 11.5x11x2.6 inches which is perfect for an average bed in an average room.
  • The net is available in pink and white colours. So you can always pick the colour that best suits your room.
  • The design features 13 unicorns, attractive satin detail & sequin trim around the bed canopy top to give it that classy look.
  • It is packaged in a reusable and portable tote bag. And this makes travelling or sleepovers at friends or family houses even easier and better.
  • If you are thinking about the perfect gift to give to a family or friend, this can fit it well. Be it a birthday, baby shower, wedding, Christmas or any occasion, you have got your gift plan covered.
  • Very easy and fun to put it up as it doesn’t require any expert skill.
  • You can always handwash it without much stress. Or gently wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the dust or dirt.
  • The design can blend in with any room. Even if your room is colour coordinated, everything is unicorn-inspired or you have a particular theme you are trying to follow, it can blend perfectly well with it.

Honest Reviews: Why This Bed Canopy Should Be On Your List

You might have always wondered about how to make your room look really beautiful and cool for you and your kids. And have run through some options but still not sure what’s best for you. Don’t stress it, this bed canopy should be your best bet. Aside from the extra privacy, protection and beautification you’ll get from it, the net is quite unique and those who got it mostly had positive remarks to give. If you need more reasons why you need to consider this bed canopy before making it yours; here are some things other users had to say about it:

1. Great Quality:

Many people that got this unicorn bed canopy could testify to its amazing quality. It is durable, yet breathable. It does not wear out fast. And as long as you wash it with care, you are sure to enjoy this net for a long period.

2 Nice Packaging:

Considering the packing, a lot of users mentioned that it came in very nice packaging which can be kept and used again. The lovely packaging is a reusable tote bag which will definitely make all your future travel and sleepovers at your friend’s or family’s house easier, fun and more comfortable.

3. Perfect Gift:

This is like one of the best, portable present for that baby shower you are planning to attend, that kid’s birthday party, wedding or Christmas party or any ceremony you need to attend.

4. The Little Ones Love It:


If you’re trying to get your kids to beat their anxiousness or start sleeping alone in their rooms, you should try this net. It’s a common thing that kids feel safe around things they are well familiar with and unicorns happen to be one of them. Most kids are obsessed about all things They would really love the idea of been wrapped by something that interests them. And they will surely look forward to going to sleep each night. Not to mention that now they can count unicorns when they can’t seem to fall asleep immediately.

5. Super Easy To Setup:

A lot of users have given their word that the unicorn bed canopy is super easy to set up. It comes with a screw for easy hanging and after setting it up in just a few minutes, you can start enjoying its comfort almost immediately. Plus, it doesn’t get in the way.

6. Definitely Looks Good:

This mosquito net sure looks good and can beautify any room of any style or size. It can give a lovely and magical touch to your room. You can hit the bed and feel at ease when you sleep because you know that you are protected from insects and dust.

7. Simple To Manage:

Let’s face it, we already have a lot of heavy things in our rooms that require extra handling. From our bedsheets, blankets, comforters, curtains etc. We really do not want to add any more item that would cost us extra time and energy to manage. This particular bed canopy is lightweight and can be washed easily with hands. Not to mention that it dries very fast so you can wash it in the morning and be sure to take it in before you are ready to hit the bed.

8. Blends Easily:

No matter how well-designed or plain your bedroom or child’s nursery is, this bed canopy will really put the cherry on top. It will switch up the design of your room up a notch and make it inviting and warm every single time you walk in. perfect palace



There is no doubt that a bed canopy will make a statement in your bedroom. And there’s no better way to get that effect than with a net that fits in perfectly; while giving you the desired protection you need. You will always walk into an inviting room, and feel sleepy right after tucking yourself into your bed under the net. As long as your sleep is uninterrupted, you can be sure of peaceful and sound sleep.

What do you think?