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The Different Types Of Unicorns You Should Know

Unicorns are uncommon types of creature which many people are endeavouring to keep alive. They have once walked on the earth even though some people still chose to not agree to that. The exact way the unicorns appeared when they existed has always been up for debate. The fact still remains that there is not just one type of unicorn and here I am going to show you the different types of unicorns that once existed, and may still be existing.


What Are Unicorns?

Unicorns aren’t a myth because they once existed on earth whether we all agree or not. They are lovely creatures with amazing creatures people love to relate with. The unicorn is a horse-like animal with a straight horn on its head. It has got the hooves of a goat and the strength of a lion too. The unicorn represents a lot of things and is said to have purity, confidence, bravery, devotion, healing and magic as some of its traits.

The Original Type Of Unicorn

Even though there may be different types of unicorns, there is still the ‘original’ type we know. The original unicorn, which is better known as the European Unicorn is the version most of us are familiar with. It is a beautiful white horse with a single ivory horn protruding from the head. This is also the type of unicorn that was mentioned in the story of King Arthur and in many myths, legends and stories going around.


Common images and depictions of this particular type of Unicorn can be seen in ancient England tapestries. This Unicorn has many magical properties; its horn is said to heal those it touches, remove a poison from the body, and purify water; its tears can also bring about healing.

The Different Types Of Unicorns

It is very important to point out that the unicorns did not only exist as we know it today. They existed in different forms and some of them we can still find today. There are two fundamental categories of unicorns: Dark Unicorns and Bright Unicorns. Dark Unicorns are unadulterated and shrewd while the bright unicorns are the opposite. There are likewise, common unicorns that may have existed too. Below are different types of the most popular unicorns on earth.:

The Classic Bright Unicorns

1. Bright Pegasi:

This is one type of unicorn that can fly as it has wings, including a horn. It is known as a pegasus. They resemble a typical splendid unicorn just with wings. Their forces are to support all animals. At whatever point one of these unicorns is close to you, you are sure to feel astounding! So if a creature of any sort is harmed or feels awful they will attempt to stop by and help them to feel much improved. Nobody is actually certain about where to discover them at the moment. But when they existed, they generally appear to come spare lives exactly when you need them! The Pegasus was also considered a symbol of wisdom and fame from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance.

2. Ruva:

Ruva is a genuinely basic kind of unicorn that everybody appears to disregard. These are probably the greatest unicorns, and they come in generally normal or pale pastel hues, and live in an open space in a wood or forest across the world. They have an exceptionally unique thing with flowers that nobody truly gets it. They are even called “ flower unicorns” as a result of it. These ones are the most comparative unicorn to ponies, by looks, and by having the faintest mysterious forces. They also enjoy eating greens like most herbivorous animals.

3. Magi-Corns:

One great sort of unicorn is the magi-corns. Magi-corns live in surrendered handle abandoned by ranchers and human clans. They eat the grass and roam freely. They have the most enchantment controls a unicorn would ever have. The magi-corns utilize all of their powers for good and stay together with two by two of two. They do this for reasons unknown and they expect to make a gigantic influx of vitality and enchantment to secure themselves. These set of unicorns could assemble their horns and make the greatest beat of intensity on the planet.

4. Rainbow Unicorns:

Presumably, the most widely recognized unicorn on the planet is a rainbow unicorn. A rainbow unicorn has a rainbow mane and has supernatural powers that let it change the climate. They are a decent unicorn unit and do know to hurt. This species could be found in any damp, confined places all around the globe. Their fundamental food asset is enchanted spring water and elodea (which is an aquatic plant of a genus that includes Canadian pond-weed).

The Remarkable Bright Unicorns

1. Feathered Unicorns:

Feathered unicorns are one of the most uncommon types of the unicorn – the last one was claimed to have been spotted more than 19 years before, and evidence of their existence today is uncertain still. There have also been claims that there is an evaluated 20 – 50 of these remaining on the planet, for the most part in northern America. But just as mentioned earlier, this is still uncertain.

Their eating routine comprises of feather bursts, an extremely mysterious plant just palatable to plume unicorns – if some other animal attempts to eat it, it is savage toxic. These unicorns are firmly identified with feathered creatures and have lovely long wings. This image here is only a model case of what the quills of these unicorns may resemble.

2. Straighthorns:

legend has it that straighthorn unicorns are ponies mated with narwhals. Like their alleged progenitors, straighthorns are unfathomably nimble and have adjusted to living by the water. This species must be the most far off species from different collaborations with some other unicorns or animals the same, and live for the most part on far away chilly islands.

3. Ember Unicorn:

Ember unicorns basically live in hot, dry spots, for example, deserts or even volcanoes, I know – weird. They eat magma scarabs which are gross little bugs that must be seen by mysterious animals. They sound awful yet to the animals they are great and yummy.

The Classic Dark Unicorns

1. Dark Riders:

There are a couple of sorts of dim unicorns, one kind is called dull riders. Dark riders have underhanded powers and assault splendid unicorns. They look startling with clearly shaded hide. They ought to have a dull principle and unmistakably shaded eyes. At the point when this sort of unicorn assaults splendid unicorns they take the food, water and bright unicorns otherworldly powers for themselves.

Dark Rider type of Unicorn

A dark rider shows up in a haze of bothering smoke, its mane, tail, and hooves wreathed in fire. The animal’s ridiculous dark structure moves with heavenly speed, evaporating in a haze of brimstone as fast as it appeared. A dark rider isn’t birthed into being. They are made by playing out a dark ritual on a Pegasus. The custom that makes a dark unicorn requires the agonizing expulsion of a pegasus’ wings, driving that respectable animal to a malicious kind.

A comparative ritual can happen in uncommon situations when a detestable animal can catch a Unicorn. Clearly, this is a terrible sign and the powers of the good come to shield and prevent that from occurring.

2. Horn Changers:

This type of unicorn is the most remarkable out of the entirety of the dark unicorns. They are extraordinarily risky in light of the fact that they can change what they resemble. They are called alterable horns as they can change to ANY sort of unicorn. This type also look equivalent to a dull rider yet when they begin to change nobody knows. What they eat relies upon the shape that they are taking around then.

3. Dark Wings:

This unicorn is equivalent to a splendid pegasus. They have extremely solid powers and assault bright unicorns all the time only for their own malicious reasons. They likewise have otherworldly powers that reveal to them where bright unicorns are. It is known as a Dark Wing.

4. Jewel Unicorns:

Jewel Unicorns live on immense mountains everywhere throughout the world. The nourishments they eat are gems, for example, jewels, rubies, emeralds and so forth. They live on mountains with the goal that they can mysteriously hit the stone utilizing their otherworldly powers and discover the fortune inside. By doing this they make a cavern. When they make a cavern, they move far away and no wizard will discover them.

They are awful in light of the fact that they blind individuals or unicorns with powers. They do this since they think in the event that anything sees their gems, they will want them and take them for themselves.

3. Beauty Unicorns:

Beauty unicorns are excellent unicorns – truth be told, they are so wonderful. They are portrayed to be the most perilous types of unicorn on earth. They have entirely good intentions, however, only one little look at them could cause paralyzation, visual deficiency, deep-rooted injury, or even worse, demise.

4. Black Unicorn:

The black unicorn, as the name suggests, has black fur with red horn and hooves. It is a sub-variety of the Northern European type. They are not the dark riders as the black unicorns look scary with plain coloured fur. The dark rider is a common variety of black unicorns. They have evil powers and attack the bright unicorns. They are fond of taking the food, water and the magical powers of the other unicorns when attacking.

Common Types Of Unicorns

1. European Unicorn Monoceros:

The European unicorn has a straight horn (nearly) which is firmly contorted and sharp. With enormous ears, huge earthy coloured eyes, a horse-like tail, and around three and a half feet at the shoulders. Males weigh about or here and there in excess of 100 pounds and females, somewhat littler, will, in general, be just around 80 pounds. Their jackets get thicker in the winter for the sake of staying warm and cosy.

A European Unicorn Monoceros’ call seems like a dismal cry. Europeans had come to accept that these pony-like unicorns truly existed in remote places of the world. Among the legends to them was the conviction that water contacted by a unicorn’s horn got okay for other creatures and individuals to drink.

2. Pegacorn and Bright Pegasi:

The Pegacorn and the Bright Pegasi are two names for another kind of unicorn. At the point when a Unicorn and a Pegasus mate a Pegacorn is birthed. A Pegacorn is a Pegasus with a Unicorn horn and is typically exhibited with rainbows. A Pegacorn generally turns into the respectable horse for divine legends of the most elevated request. Chief heavenly messengers now and then attack them into a fight against the powers of insidiousness.

At whatever point you see a Pegacorn, realize that greatness is close. It is possible that you are communicating goodness, or that good is your ally helping you in your excursions. To even have one now very close to you, grab this shirt with a pretty Pegacorn illustration to constantly remind you of greatness. Have it in mind that whatever you occupy your mind with, will begin to manifest itself. Click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon to see price and get one of yours.


3. Rhinoceros:

The rhinoceros is a usually grey-coloured animal that has a straight or curved horn on its snout rather than on its forehead. Today, scientists have found out that the rhinoceros indeed, share the same ancestry with the unicorns. Some argue that the unicorns evolved from the rhinoceros to the Siberian unicorns, to what we now know today as the modern-day unicorn.

Others types of unicorns include:
  • American Unicorn: The American unicorn is said to have the ability to purify water and air. Female American unicorns are known to run twice as fast as their male counterparts. This type of unicorn loves to eat clover and blackberries and it usually travels in groups or herds.
  • Cartazon: Cartazon unicorns are large mountain unicorns. They are black-coloured unicorns and are said to have a tawny mane, a goat’s tail and a sharp and pointed horn much like the regular one. This unicorn is fairly gentle, kind and has no magical powers attributed to it.
  • Indian Unicorn Equus assinoceros: The Equus is an Indian species of the unicorn which is now believed to be extinct. It is also called the thorned ass and supposedly lived in the prehistoric times. It is said that the Equus was interbred with horses or donkeys to get what we know now.
  • Karkadann: The Karkadann is a specie of the unicorn that once flourished on the grass plains and deserts of India, Africa and Persia. A large unicorn with a body as large as a rhinoceros and a tail like that of a lion’s. They command great respect because of their ferocity and strength. It closely resembled the Oryx and it is believed that the Karkadann unicorn could stand for hours beneath the nest of a dove, shooing away its predators so that it could enjoy its beauty.
  • Kirin: Kirin unicorns are usually found in the remote areas of China and Japan. They are quite shy and also restrain from fighting. These type of unicorns also have spots on their back, unlike the others.
  • Lancelot: Lancelot is a unicorn found in California. It is a goat-like unicorn with a horn on top of its head. This famous creature is also associated with beauty and mystery and was bred from Angora goat stock. It first appeared in the public in 1980 and performed in the circus. They are considered one of the most unusual unicorns because of their strange appearance.
  • Persian Unicorns: The Persian Unicorns, also known as the Khara looked like donkeys with a single horn on its forehead. With three legs and six eyes, they were extremely powerful and were very important to the Zoroastrian religion. Despite their popular image as a benevolent and pure spirited creature, these ones were sinister and perhaps the most destructive unicorn species.
  • Physiolous’ Unicorn/Dajja: The Physiologus’ unicorn is simply a small and fierce creature with a sharp horn.
  • Shadhavar: Shadhavar is a Chinese unicorn. It is a delicate, gazelle-like unicorn with a hollow horn. The wind creates beautiful, flute-like music as it flows through this hollow horn. Its music could draw humans and animals alike. It is a carnivorous unicorn and was often thought to be evil. known to be an aggressive beast and ate fire in its ravenous fury. It is also praised for its ability to discriminate between good and evil, and associated with judges and law enforcers.
  • Ki’lin: The Ki’lin is the noblest form of a unicorn and is considered the emblem of perfect good. It is a hybrid animal with the body of a deer, the head of a lion or a wolf, a long antler and a deep and melodious call. The unicorn has furry scales that are red, yellow or blue and is an intelligent forest unicorn belonging to Chinese mythology. It has ties to fertility and fortune and luckily, they were never valued for their body parts so they were not hunted.
  • Unicorn from Daniel’s Dream: This unicorn is from the book of Daniel in the Bible. In the story, it is described as a goat with eyes of deep red in rage. The unicorn had fallen into combat with a ram and knocked it down in the water using his horn. The horn then tipped with blood and began growing in size. Then the horn fell off and was replaced with four smaller horns.
  • Re’em: The Re’em unicorn is also mentioned in the Bible. It represents strength, spirit and agility. The unicorn was an enormous one and was so large that it could not fit on the arc. It is depicted as a mysterious creature even though it was never clear whether it was specifically supernatural.
  • Japanese Unicorn: The Japanese unicorn strongly resembles the K’ilin unicorn in appearance. It looks like a deer or a goat with eyes that look threatening and intent. With a thick mane and a single horn, it was an important part of the oriental culture. It has the uncanny ability to detect right from wrong and punish the guilty with elimination.
  • Archaic Unicorn: The archaic unicorn is a goat-sized unicorn with a beard, cloven hooves and lion’s tail. It has perfect goodwill, gentleness and benevolence with all the creatures and can do no harm.

If you feel lost, no need to get confused. The most important point to pick is that there are different types of unicorns, of which all of them have gone extinct as at today. Good thing they do not exist today because modern-day humans would have still driven them to extinction by hunting and ending them for their magical parts or the fun and fame. Here is a full post on What Would Actually Happen If Unicorns Exist Today?


With every unicorn type that we have heard of or learnt that had evolved, they all come down to one, which is the original one we have all come to know.

What do you think?


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