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Top 4 Unicorn Fleece Blankets For Cold Season

The cold season is almost upon us and everyone is looking for the best ways to keep the cold out especially while sleeping. At night when our body’s temperature has dropped and we are not engaging in any activity but sleep, it is normal to feel colder. For this, we need the proper coverage so as not to wake up with a cold each night. It is appropriate for us to settle for a fleece blanket for our bed this season. It is totally different from a regular blanket and would provide us with the extra warmth we require every single night for the whole of the cold season and beyond. Let me share with you my favourite options for this; they are all unicorn fleece blankets and I bet you will love them.


People And Cold Season

There are different kinds of people in the cold season: the indifferent ones, those who can’t wait for it to be over, those who enjoy every moment of it and of course, those who don’t know what to do to themselves when the cold is upon them. If you are among the last category, first start thinking about getting yourself super warm and comfy attires and bedding because it’s entire you are wrapped in warm clothes during the day, or you are wrapped in warm beddings at night.

Some folks prefer the warm and sunny seasons but I beg to differ. The feeling of covering myself from head to toe and enjoying warmth when I can’t leave my bed is one I won’t trade for anything. Call me lazy if you like, but I just enjoy the cold, lol. It could be really excruciating if you don’t have the right attire for cold seasons, but if you do, everything is almost second to none.

Research has it that the reason we feel cold despite putting on heavy clothing is that warmth isn’t about keeping out cold. It is also about reducing the movement of air around your skin and managing moisture build-up in the process. And let me tell you, only warm clothes or beddings designed specially for cold seasons can actually take you through this. The right material is very necessary for keeping the cold out and regulate temperature from within.

Fleece And Their Importance

In earlier times, cotton and wool were used in the production of fleece or sweaters, but as time and technology progressed, polyester, a man-made material has been used to greater success and flexibility.

Fleece is a clothing material we use in cold seasons either by wearing them or by using them as blankets on our beds. They can be made from several materials such as cotton, wool, polyester, or a combination of all three.

In order to maintain normal body temperature during cold weather conditions or in cold climates, fleeces are necessary and vital. The importance of having the right fleece material is very essential to keep out the cold and also necessary to stay warm and relaxed. They are very comfortable and easy to use even for younger ones. Having a good fleece is very necessary to have a warm and good night’s rest in times when the weather might state otherwise.


Types Of Fleece

As stated earlier, the progress made in technology has made it possible to have fleeces in different styles and shapes. Fleeces no longer come in the form of blankets as we have come to know it but rather in different forms such as shirts, hats, gloves, etc. The various types of fleece can be seen below:

  • Polyester fleece: Polyester fleece is probably the most common amongst all the fleece we have today. It is lighter in weight and has a smooth side and a shiny appearance compared to other materials.
  • Cotton blended fleece: This is mostly used for sweatshirts and sweatpants. They are made from cotton and have a smooth outer surface as well.
  • Lycra spandex fleece: This is mostly used for performance fleece and comprises of a higher percentage of cotton, and a smaller percentage of lycra spandex in other to make the material elastic or stretchy.
  • Microfleece: This is also a very popular choice in making performance garments because of its lightweight and its ability to draw moisture away from the body. It is usually a double-sided fleece that is thin and soft.
  • Polar fleece: This is my favourite because it helps me stay in bed for longer periods. They are usually thick and warmer than the other types stated above and are used for blankets and jackets in colder regions and seasons.

Other types of fleece include; French Terry fleece, slub fleece, and sherpa fleece.

There is also a variety of fleece that is water-resistant which are usually made from specially treated cotton or a higher concentration of polyester, as well as other fleece which are made to retain texture over a period of time.

Choosing The Right Type Of Fleece Blankets For Your Bed

Every fleece has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important that you pick the type of fleece with advantages that suits you the most. A fleece blanket that has a comfortable feel on your skin during usage should be preferred to the one that doesn’t.

Fleeces for your beds are necessary especially if you intend staying tucked in for a longer period of time. When choosing a fleece blanket for your bed, you should consider the facts that it should match your bed size, your room decor, and should also give you a comfortable feel as well as a sense of protection and warmth. Your fleece blanket should be able to cuddle you firmly and keep you comfy especially when no one is around. And also, it should give you the warm feel of a loved one in their absence.

Why A Unicorn Fleece Blanket Is Best For You

Your fleece designs are essential! The design on your fleece should indicate a part of you. It should be a representation of what you intend dreaming about once you are wrapped up in it. From writeups to symbols to patterns or drawings, your fleece should reflect a character you are fond of, and should also add decor to your room.

And in case you are wondering about the design to go for your fleece, I would recommend the unicorn design. Why? Unicorns are unique animals and during their time they were, and still are held in high esteem by most around the world. A unicorn represents a lot of things people would love to relate with. They symbolize strength, royalty, purity, healing, and magic. Like people like to say, “nothing goes wrong with a unicorn”. A unicorn-designed fleece is sure to spice up your room and make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe.

Now that you will like to consider a unicorn-inspired fleece blanket for your bed this cold season, let me share with you the top best recommendations.

Top 4 Unicorn Fleece Blankets For Cold Season

Here are 4 of the best and coloured unicorn fleece blankets you can choose for your bed. These 4 are well-researched before picking them and going through the features of each of them will surely give you an idea on why they are called the best for the cold.

1. SLEEPWISH Supersoft Unicorn Rose Fleece Blanket:

The SLEEPWISH plush fleece blanket comes with the amazing art of a unicorn and a beautiful red rose to one side of the blanket, while the other end is completely white. It gives a very soft feel to the skin and is perfect for covering anyone at night.


Product description
  • Material Quality

It is made up of 100% polyester and is perfect for people with allergies or skin irritation. It is also resistant to every form of wrinkling and shrinking. And it maintains a natural feel all year long.

  • Material Design

The very beautiful unicorn drawn on it, coupled with the perfect rose designs along with the romantic background of pink, blue, and cream, makes it a very lovely and attractive piece. Not to mention that it is two-sided. The printed flannel fleece is on one side and a very cosy polyester sherpa is on the inside. This means you can choose to use the front side or the inside anytime depending on your mood or how you want to style the room.

  • Lovely Gift

This fleece blanket would be a perfect gift to anyone you hold special. It would be a gift to love as the quality is amazing and for the cold season, it can keep anyone warm for as long as possible.

  • Versatile Usage

Apart from being able to be used on beds, it can also be used on couch and sofas as well. If there is where you want to be, the soft unicorn rose plush fleece blanket has you covered.

  • Size And Packaging

It has a size of 50 x 60 inches, 60 x 80 inches, 90 x 90 inches, and 108 x 90 inches. This size range ensures that you have a wide broad space to tuck yourself in regardless of the location or size of your bed (king-, queen-, twin- or throw-sized. And it also gives you ample space to do whatever you want to do in the process without worrying if your feet are out or not. You can always choose the size best suited for your need.

  • Maintainance And Care

It can be washed with a washing machine and the dryer should be set at tumble dry on low heat. As long as you do not expose it directly to heat apart from that of the sun, you would use the fleece blanket as long as possible. Also, do not use bleach when washing so as not to distort the lovely appearance.

This SLEEPWISH soft unicorn rose plush fleece blanket is sure to be a worthy companion during lonely cold nights and seasons as you will definitely hit a jackpot with this one. Want to get one? Hit this link to be taken to the page on Amazon.

2.  Rainbow Unicorn Cozy Plush Blanket:

The beauty of the rainbow and the uniqueness of the unicorn is always a perfect match from heaven. The Sleepwish rainbow blanket brings you the assurance we feel anytime we sight the rainbow in the sky.


Product description
  • Material Quality

It is made from microfibre plush material which gives the extra cosy, soft, and warm nature it is known for. It is also perfect for sensitive skins and can guarantee you a warm sleep all night long.

  • Material Design

This rainbow design comes with the amazing rainbow colours as we know it, alongside the design of white unicorns cutting across the rainbow. The sight of unicorns gliding across rainbows couldn’t be any better. It is also good to know that the super-soft printed flannel fleece is on one side, while the cosy polyester material is on the other side. This will give you the opportunity to switch to any part you want for any night.

  • Versatility

It can be used on various types of furniture aside from the bed space while giving the needed comfort regardless. You can travel, picnic, hike or even camp with it comfortably. Trust this fleece blanket to give you the desired warmth you will need all night long.

  • Size And Packaging

It comes in the following sizes:

50 x 60 inches (throw blanket)

60 x 80 inches (twin blanket)

90 x 90 inches (queen blanket)

108 x 90 inches (king blanket)

You have a variety of sizes to pick from and more opportunities to experience the magical effect of the rainbow and unicorn combined. If the fleece blanket is for an adult bed you won’t have any problem making a size choice.

  • Maintainance And Care

It is machine washable and dries quickly on tumble dry low temperature. It shouldn’t be exposed directly to heat or washed with a bleaching agent. The unique nature of the softness can be lost if washed with very hot water or dried under very hot temperature, so it is preferable to use cold water or water at room temperature to wash it.

Rainbows and unicorns are in on the act in this one! Couldn’t get any better I tell you. If you want to enjoy this complete magic in a fleece blanket, click this link to see more about it and make your order on Amazon.

3. Unicorn-Face Fleece Blanket For Girls And Kids:

A perfect view of the magical unicorn horn as we know it couldn’t be any clearer on this one. The designs are perfectly carried out to ensure that the feel and the looks go hand in hand. It will also be a good decor fit for your room just like the others mentioned in this article.


Product Description
  • Material Quality

This fleece blanket is made from micro Fibre plush material which guarantees it to have a soft texture whilst maintaining a very attractive design. It is 100% polyester and totally great for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Not to mention that it is completely resistant to shrinking and wrinkling.

  • Product Design

The super-soft crystal velvet material is on one side while the micro-fibre plush is on the other side. The lovely white and red background gives it a lovely look and attaches a romantic feel to it. It would surely improve the decor of any room or the bed.

  • Multiple Usage

It can be used on chairs, beds, sofas and the rest. As long as the space to lay on is available, this fleece blanket is ready to serve. You can even carry it around as it is lightweight. So, if you are travelling, going for a sleepover or simply camping or enjoying a picnic, this fleece blanket has got you covered.

  • Size And Packaging

It comes in four different sizes which you can pick from:

50 x 60 inches (throw-sized blanket)

60 x 80 inches (twin-sized blanket)

90 x 90 inches (queen-sized blanket)

108 x 90 inches (king-sized blanket)

Any of these sizes will suit its purpose as long as it matches the required dimension of your bed. Just ensure you pick the size that best fits the intended purpose.

  • Care And Maintenance

Hot water should not be used to wash this material as it may lose its soft feel. Use cold or warm water instead. It can be washed in a machine, and should not be dried under very high temperature. Do not expose it to direct heat to preserve its lifespan.

  • Gift To Love

This unicorn-face blanket is a blanket worth having and is perfect for gifting purposes. It would be perfect for valentine’s day celebrations, for girls or for kids who love fancy and cute things. Bring a smile on the face of that special one by getting them one of these.

Click this link to be taken to the Amazon page where you can purchase yours or for others.

4. Blue Unicorn Fleece Blanket For Girls:

The multiple colours of pink, white, yellow, and red scattered across the blue background make for excellent room decor. Despite the variety of colours present, the unicorn stands out to give it an awesome look all around.


Product description
  • Material Quality

It is made up of 100% polyester. This blanket won’t pose a challenge for people with sensitive skin or allergies. It is really soft and has the plush super warm polyester on the inside.

  • Material Design

The allure of colours on display on the blue background makes it extremely captivating to the eyes. The perfect unicorn design on this masterpiece also makes it unique to anyone who loves unicorn or magic.

  • Beautifully Versatile

A lovely blanket that can fit into any space within the home that requires it. Sofas, chairs, and beds are all perfect for the use of this blanket. This can also work well for sleepovers as it can take more than one person at once.

  • Packaging And Size

Having an original size of 46 inches by 67 inches by 0.2 inches. This makes it large enough in its own right. The size is perfect for more than one person laying together on any furniture so if you do not have the bed all to yourself, you have nothing to worry about staying warm.

  • Maintainance And Care

Cold machine wash is the best option to go for. Don’t use hot water to wash or dry under very high temperature so as not to reduce the soft texture. No bleaching agent should also be used in the course of washing. All this will go a long way for the lifespan of the fleece blanket.

Sprinkle your dreams with this wonderful bed fleece blanket and wake up preparing for more adventures that only the unicorn can inspire. Click this link to make a purchase of this very unicorn-inspired blanket.



The lovely unicorn bed fleeces reviewed above will serve as a perfect gift for any form of occasion or event. You don’t have to be a unicorn lover to enjoy the magical changes the unicorn is making around us. All you need do is believe and the rest they say will be history.

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