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What Would Happen If Unicorns Exist Today?

The debate as to whether the unicorn ever existed and when it did exist is one that has been raging on for years and probably will continue on in time to come. I, and a good population of the earth, know and strongly believe that unicorns actually existed. I have made a post on the existence of the unicorn with proofs to back up my stand. If you are interested in reading it, you can simply click here to jump right to the post. So, back to the topic at hand. Since we have established that unicorns actually existed, what would have happened to them if we have them around today? In this post, I’ve put down what I believe would have been the case and also summarised the opinions of others who hold similar thoughts.

What Makes The Unicorn So Special?

We’ve most probably heard about or seen the unicorn at least once since our childhood. You must have noticed that the unique appearance of this beautiful creature is prominent on its forehead. It’s a single, large and pointed horn located on its forehead. The horn is almost like the first thing you will notice once you lay your eyes on it. Let’s also not forget the magical attributes the unicorn is said to have; especially the horn. And that’s why monarchs of old would drink their wine out of them as they are said to not only have healing powers but also have the ability to neutralize any form of poison in them. These two traits are like the main things that make the unicorn special and well-known from time immemorial

When the legend of the unicorn flourished – Malaysia News Viral

Tales From Different Cultures That Will Interest You

Even with the fact that a lot of arguments have been raised as a result of the existence of the unicorn, one major thing still remains the same – the unicorn had a single horn on its forehead. Whether the unicorn existed the way we know it today or existed in a different form like some people argue it did, we all still arrived at the conclusion that there was a horn and it was sticking out of its forehead. And it happens to be the unique thing that makes many cultures to give their own tale as to how the unicorn’s appearance might have looked like. Even with that, there are different tales we have of the unicorn from different cultures. One of the things each story or theory have in common is the horn on its forehead. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. From Europe:

The Europeans see it to have been a white horse-like animal, with a longhorn on its forehead and cloven hooves, and in some rare cases, having a beard. The throne of Denmark is actually said to have been made of unicorn horns.

2. From Greece:

In the Middle Age, the unicorn was seen as an extremely wild woodland creature with the Greek scholars believing it lived in India.

3. From The Bible:

The Medieval knowledge stemmed from the bible which describes it as a kind of wild goat, ass or a horse as mentioned in  Numbers 24:8 & 23:22 “God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn”.

4. From China:

The Chinese mentioned the Qilin, which is a creature in Chinese mythology, and is sometimes called “the Chinese unicorn”. Some of their ancient accounts describe a single horn as the defining feature of the animal.

Other Qualities Of The Unicorn That Stands It Out

Obviously, the horn is not the only thing that makes the unicorn stand out amongst its contemporaries. Here are some characteristics that make it a rare creation and caused even the high and mighty to go after them:

  1. Its Strength:

The statement made in the book of Numbers (as earlier mentioned) uses the unicorn as a metaphor for the strength of God. This is to say that in this animal lies enormous strength and ability beyond human comparison. It cannot be tamed like some other animals, although legend has it that only a virgin can bring it to a subtle state. According to one of Leo Da’Vinci’s notebooks, the unicorn does not know how to control itself with a virgin in its sight. It forgets its ferocity and wildness and lay aside all fear while going up to a seated damsel and laying on her lap to sleep; at this point, the hunters can take it. Another theory is one according to Shakespeare scholars when the unicorn is being hunted by hunters during the time of its existence, the hunter would stand in front of a large tree. On sighting the hunter, the unicorn would charge towards the threat causing the hunter to move away just at the nick of time, thereby making the unicorn gourd its horn inside the tree. With the horn inside the tree trunk, the hunter(s) then capture the animal either alive or not.

  1. The Healing Properties:

The horn of the unicorn was said to heal many ailments. Kings and princes would drink from the horn because of the power it is said to have to neutralize whatever kind of poison it came in contact with no matter how strong such poison might be. And knowing the easy targets the kings of old were as regards to being poisoned due to the power and authority they possess, using the horn of a unicorn does not sound out of place if you ask me. If only King Artaxerxes III of the Persian empire had drunk from the horn of a unicorn when his drink was poisoned by his vizier, I can bet he would have survived longer than he did.

  1. Its Gracious Steps:

It has also been said that a unicorn walks so softly that it hooves made no sound. This is actually Chinese unicorn lore which has made its round over the years. It cannot be argued though, an animal that prides itself as the most beautiful creature and had lots of special attributes when it existed will surely walk with grace and class.

  1. Purity:

Like the saying goes “it takes real to recognize real” and for a virgin to be known as the only ones to be able to tame a wild creature like the unicorn speaks volumes. A virgin is known for her purity and innocence, a trait which has over the years been attributed to the unicorn. It goes without argument that the unicorn has been known to be a pure animal since its existence.

What Would The World Be Like With The Unicorn In Our Midst?

Now that you know some of the characteristics of the unicorn and its special attributes, what do you think will happen if the unicorns exist today? Or how do you even think they would fare if they exist in our world now? Remember, in the world today, the value of animals is gradually reducing by the day as we now have more poaching of endangered species becoming the order of the day. If poachers could go after elephants with reckless abandon due to the amount of money they get from selling their tusk, imagine what would happen if the unicorns were still in existence.

The negative aspect of having the unicorns exist in our world today

Let me tell you 3 unpleasant things that would happen if unicorns existed in the world today:

1. The Hunt For The Unicorn:


It has happened before, it’s still happening and it may continue to happen even with all the animal rights thingy going round. People still hunt them for one of their body part or the other. And they do that even for endangered species. The act will likely not stop because there is a demand for these parts and so the suppliers have to meet up with that. Trust me, if unicorns were to exist in our world today, hunters will hunt it for they unique horns, other parts of the body and even for the fun of it.

2. Hunt For Virgins:

Since hunting unicorns can mostly be done in two ways – the cruel or easy way, some hunters may want to not be cruel to the unicorns when hunting it. Maybe probably because they need it alive. And the only other easy way to get them is by using a virgin to tame them. For this reason, the hunt for virgins that would help the hunters get the unicorns will definitely be on the rise. Trust me, virgins would be taken for the hunt own their own free will or by force.

3. The Fight Among Humans:

Come to think of it, if you were told that there was a unicorn available, the animal in whose horn lies the power to cure cancer or any terminal ailment of a loved one just by drinking from it, tell me you won’t fight to get a hold of one? I bet you may not care less even if it was the last one remaining. Many people today would give it little thought or consideration, they will all hit the forest in search of unicorns if they exist today. They would fight each other to make sure they get to the animal first. And might I add that when they eventually find one, there’s a high chance they won’t spare its life. Even animal activists won’t have much power over protecting this specie.

4. The Looming War:

Take for instance the unicorn is an animal found only in a small area on earth, just like the elephant and other few species found only in a few places. I can bet that if a higher country today hears that a smaller country has got unicorns on its land, and maybe the smaller country is not willing to let others come in and hunt the animal; there may be impending war. Why? Tell me no ruler would want to have a magical horn that can detect danger, neutralize poison, heal diseases, injuries and so on? Kings, Presidents, Elites and others would definitely want to get their hands on the animal itself or just its magical parts. Remember, the heart of men is dark and some people can go extra miles to get what they want.

5. The Craze That Would Follow:

If the world has unicorns today in all its glory, beauty and magic, there would be noise, clamour and craze for it that would follow. All the wildlife reporters, researchers, documentary filmmakers, and more will always want to go see them for a ‘little observation’. There will be no peace and quiet surrounding them as everyone would want to learn about them. Any country that has them would be figuring out how to make money out of them, setting up unicorn watching holidays, planning tourists visits complete with memorabilia in gift shops and all that. With time many people will feel that they are best kept in cages or even worse, eaten as a new delicacy.

6. Arguments & Drama:

The fact that we have laws, animal activists and all that in the world today would definitely cause a lot of drama and argument if we had the unicorn in our midst. The zoos and wildlife parks around the world would be trying to get hold of them and there would be all sorts of arguments, theories and outcry about whether they should be kept in zoos or left to roam the wild freely and naturally. In the end, we will have divided views and then everyone will be back to square one – fighting over the animal.

The positive aspect of having the unicorns exist in our world today

Well, the world is not all about negativity so let’s look at the bright side. Think about the positive things that would accompany the existence of the unicorn today. Any thoughts? Yes? No? Well here are mine, which a lot more people share too:

1. Priceless Animal:

From gifting a jet to a loved one to buying the art of great value or better still, building a symbol of love to a loved one (The Tajmahal which is actually ranked as the most expensive gift given to anyone); the gift of a unicorn would have very little competition if it came to worth or value. Its value would probably make it a priceless commodity. A perfect example of such is the Monalisa. No individual owns the Monalisa, it would probably be the same for the unicorn.

2. Celebrity status:


One can say that owning an animal as rare as the unicorn would probably place such an individual among the top most popular people in the world. Their house would probably turn into a tourist centre as everyone would love to have a glimpse of this rare animal.

The same can be applicable to the country in which this animal is found. They would probably have more than enough visa applications than they can handle. Everybody would want an opportunity to see the creature that can only be tamed by a virgin and in whose horn lies tremendous healing power and magical properties.

3. Advancement In Medicine:

In this era that we currently find ourselves in, a material like the horn of the unicorn, possessing such healing properties would have undergone a series of research and study. Breakthroughs as regards to cures would probably have been made to a large extent if such wonderful and magical creatures were in our midst. The pharmaceutical companies would have found lots of cure to various ailments we have in the world today.

4. Extinction Might Have Been Controlled:

The keyword here is “MIGHT”. With the advancement of the technology we have today, mutations and gene modifications which have helped preserved several endangered species such as the mountain gorillas would have come in handy for the unicorns. The stringent policies in place concerning animals in several countries, as well as the advancement mankind has made in technology would have preserved the breed or even made new ones possible.

The Unicorns We Have Today

Unicorns might not exist in our world today, but they are found on several important artefacts around us. From the crests of some countries to the throne of others and even to placing their symbols everywhere. Not to mention the art, drawings, movies and few documentaries that have all been made available and inspired by our beloved unicorn. Even though we can’t find live unicorns around us today, we can still console ourselves with everything we see around the world today which represents the unicorn and all it stands for.




We can agree that unicorns may not exist today in our world. While we now know that sighting a unicorn today would cause a stir worldwide, it is consoling to know that a lot of good would still come out of it.

What do you think?

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